Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally a ride!

I finally got to ride today. The ground is still very boggey and slippery so I took Sam across the road to the reserve for a walk around. He was very well behaved. I made sure I had breaks using my seat and checked that I was able to move him side to side using my legs - all systems go! We had a lovely explore for about 40min. I am so lucky I have a horse who enjoys exploring new areas. He ears were pricked and he had reasonably low head carriage and a lovely active swinging walk. I asked for a trot up a hill and that was a little too much effort but he did give it too me. I didn't want to do too much due to the ground but it was lovely finally being back on and enjoying it!!!

I think Sam enjoyed it too getting out and seeing new things.

Gus did finally get settle down when we left so hopefully he will get used to Sam going and not carry on each time.

Photos soon I promise!!!!!

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