Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maybe Mr Darcy

It has been very quiet here since I turned Sam out. He has been having a lovely time at my neighbours keeping one of her horses, Gundy company. He did reek havoc while he was there - scraped his teeth down the bonnet of their ute, was banned from living with the sheep due to chasing and harassing them, learnt to live with cows, found how to get through the fence into the other neighbours 20 acre paddock and showed everybody how to gallop around the perimeter 4 times! Sam and Gundy below having a lovely grooming session - as you can see Sam is in his best paddock daggy coat!

He came home due to getting an abscess in his hoof last Friday. I took him to the vets to have it drained and the farrier was able to put a shoe back on today so Saturday we will start work again. This was when we got to the abscess! Even though Sam was acting like his whole leg was going to drop off - the abscess was actually quite small and he was sound by the following morning.

The sun is finally being warm again during the day so Sam will be washed, mane pulled, tail trimmed and put back into work.

Poppy is doing well, very fat but we have started lunge work again and I was even able to long rein her a little on Sunday. She trotted out in front of me very nicely, we can't do a straight line but she took it all in her little stride. I just used her halter as I don't have a roller small enough yet.

The second weekend in September my loving OH and I will make the 10.5hour drive to Adelaide to meet Mr Darcy. He is a 9yo, 16.3hh Warmblood x Thoroughbred gelding. He is being advertised as a showjumping school master but he is training novice/elementary dressage and seems very quiet. After talking to the owner he has ticked all the so far! Fingers crossed!!!!

I hope everybody has survived your terrible weather! Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding - all not happy horsey weather!