Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick update

Sam and I have been working well lately. I have entered us for a training day on the 17th April. We will be doing 2 prep tests and a preliminary test. We had a lesson on Sunday and my instructor believes my confidence has improved - I feel it has, that Sam is looking a lot better - she can tell we have been working hard! and WE CANTERED AROUND THE WHOLE ARENA! I know that doesn't sound like much but where I travel to for my lessons Sam gets a bit spooked in that arena. Normally I stay on a 20m circle at the safe end but yesterday I decided to push the envelope. Yep Sam became tense and looky at the top end of the arena but I was able to ride him through it and we did some really nice canter.

We have another appointment with the vet tomorrow. He is still showing signs of lameness to the left at a 10m circle on hard ground. On a sand arena he is ok. He is also getting new shoes. I will miss the farrier again but he is happy to talk to me over the phone which is nice.

Oh as you have probably guessed I didn't get Pepper. I didn't enjoy riding him. Never mind I am sure something will come along.