Friday, March 18, 2011


This is who I am meeting tomorrow

This is his ad:
Lovely Quiet Grey Competition TB

Talented quiet grey TB gelding, 15.3hh, 10yo. Pepper has a lovely kind temperament that is great to shoe, float, catch, drench etc. He is nice on the flat with a lovely soft snaffle mouth, very comfortable and easy to ride. Pepper has done PC, eventing and showjumping (1m). Honest and loves to please. Sale only due unfortunately to lack of time. Would make a flashy horse for someone, well worth a look.

Price four thousand dollars (Excluding GST)
Price Negotiable Yes
Age 10
Height in hands 15.3

I spoke to the owner who show jumps him now and he sounds like a lovely boy. He is local which is good so tomorrow after I set up the dressage arenas for our local dressage competition that is happening on Sunday I am going to meet Pepper. He sounds like a gentleman, I'll let you know what happens!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meeting Astronomic and a lesson with Sam

I met Astronomic. He is a lovely chap, very friendly.Going through that ugly 2 year old stage, all legs, co ordination still required, and a little thin I thought. Extremely lazy. Doesn't move off your leg well. He is normally ridden in spurs and we didn't have any so it was very difficult to get him moving and to keep him moving. I had a dressage whip and he didn't really respond to that either. With all the natural impulsion he had he was very comfortable, took you with him which was lovely. I finally got him to canter and it was a lot of work to keep him cantering for a 20m circle. He paddles in one leg which I didn't like as it quite pronounced. Also his off side hind, in the trot, when it hit the ground just looked odd. I can't really explain it but I didn't like that either. The people who are selling him seem very genuine and told us everything they could think of. I really enjoyed my ride even though it was hard work. I am still very concerned about the amount of work he has done at such an early age.

I had a lesson on Sam yesterday. He worked very well and was sound for the duration. We gave him a lot of breaks of walk as we didn't want to over work him either as he hasn't had too much work since our last lesson. My instructor can see a big improvement. He is happier to move off my legs, listening and reacting to aids quicker. His trot became rhythmical very early so we could ask for him to accept the contact and start working in a frame a lot quicker than normal. She also said that he is engaging well from behind and rounding his back nicely. Canter was still very stiff and braced but we haven't worked on that at home much but he did nice transitions into the canter so that was good.

One of the stable cats was hunting in the long grass around the arena during our lesson. Sam is fine with cats and so far he hadn't battered an eyelid. The cat had found something and decided just as Sam and I were trotting past to make the huge death defying leap. Poor Sam got a fright, he was working so well in a frame which he kept and bounded side ways a good 2m. I went with him and of course the headset that my instructor uses, the batteries died just at that time. She was still able to talk me through it and we continued on with a lovely forward engaged trot. My little heart was racing a million miles an hour. The top end of the arena was causing us problems during the lesson. Something was spooking Sam and it took a bit of riding to push him through this but we worked through it and by the end of the lesson I was able to trot large around the arena with still tenseness at the top end but he was able to trust me enough to continue trotting around there.

I spoke to my instructor as well about Astronomic. She does not believe that I am up to having a young horse. Due to my inexperience and lack of confidence she believes that while he may be very quiet and obliging she was concerned about when we have to face new things in life I may not be able to give him the confidence he needs. I appreciated her honesty and it helped cement in my mind that I had made the right decision. On Thursday night I had made the decision not to purchase Astro. The decision was made due to his age and work load that he has already had. The paddling, the off side hind not landing quiet right, the amount of work it took him to go forward. Also I rode Sam on Thursday night and emotionally I don't think I am ready for another horse.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am looking at a horse tomorrow night. Astronomic.

Astronomic is a 2yo WB/TB gelding. Will mature 17-17.1hh. Big, expressive mover with rhythmical paces. He has been knowledgeably broken in and schooled. Very quiet, trainable and affectionate temperament. Great to take out. Scored 68% in his first Prep test. Would suit a rider that is looking for a very quiet, straight forward horse that is ready to embark on his career. Currently in light work. View video on You Tube - 'Astronomic: Standout 2yo WB/TB' A video of Astronomic.
He is local to me which is handy. He is a Cleveland Bay cross, I have met his dad, Impeccable Marksman, and fell in love with him when I met him -My main concerns so far are his age and his movement is huge! I don't know if I will be able to ride it and I really don't want to look a fool in front of the owner. I have warned them though and will discuss my concerns when I get there.


Sam is doing well. One leg swells up a little at night but I think that is from standing around. It goes down during the day when he is out grazing. I gave him a lunge today and it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sam trys to jump a fence - FAILS

Yesterday afternoon I went out into the paddock to bring Poppy in, looked around for Sam but couldn't find him. A look in the neighbours paddock and there he was grazing in the paddock behind us. I left Poppy where she was, went and grabbed a halter and walked round to catch Sam. He was very happy to be caught meeting me up in the top corner. How considerate of him. quick check and a few scrapes but he was walking sound so I took him home to clean him up.

Once things were cleaned the injuries were a little more serious than I first thought. They are still all superficial but I cleaned them up, dressed them and bandaged him up for the night.

After I cleaned it all up
A scratch under the arm pit.
This morning everything didn't look too bad except that he had rolled through the night. One of the bandages had slipped down a little so part of the wound got pretty dirty. I took the bandages off, cleaned everything up. Took his temperature and that was normal. My neighbour popped in to have a look and we thought it may be better to let it all dry so I sprayed it with Lotagen, put a clean rug on him and turned him out to graze. What did Sam do, went and found the dirtiest spot and ROLLED!!!!! How ungrateful! So I bought him back in, cleaned everything up again and sprayed it all again.
This morning
Slightly swollen, but looking good I think
This afternoon when Scott gets home I will give him a shot on Penicillin. I'll Check Spellingprobably give this to him for three days, just to make sure. At least he isn't sore, I have watched him have a trot around the paddock, he is still annoying Poppy and seems pretty happy.

Silly ponies!