Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a quick hello!

I think Sam is a every second day work horse. Since I have backed right off with his work he is a lot happier. Admittedly the rides he has been getting are nothing to get excited about. Just walk and trot and we may only ride for 5-15min I think he is appreciating it.

I am going to float him to the beach on the weekend and have a play down there! Other than that all is quiet in this part of the world.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A happier but sore Sam

Sam was happier today! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! Sometimes it is like dealing with a teenager! :o)

When I drove in I took one look at him and knew something was off. I parked my car and got changed (I get changed in my car as I go to the paddock straight from work) and he walked over to the general corner to greet me. I had watched him in my rear view mirror walking very stiff, tenderly to the corner. I called out hello and he greeted me with pricked ears and his head up looking at me - general greeting. He wouldn't turn and walk over to the gate though. Sometimes when he won't come over if I crouch down he will come over to see what I am doing. I tried this but he just turned his head around to look at me. I walked over to him, put his halter on, felt his legs and picked up his hoof. (Yesterday arvo I checked his hooves and they had some mud in them but I left it there because I hoped it would help moisten his sole enough for it to finish falling off (I have been waiting two weeks so far for this to happen) His hoof still had the mud in there but it had dried solid. Same in the other front hoof.

He was happy to follow me though down to the stables where I attacked the mud. I thought I was going to have to call Scott because I could not get all the mud out of his hoof. After struggling for a while and thanking Sam for being so patient - I was kneeling down and resting his hoof on my knee so I could use both hands on the hoof pick. I ended up getting hose and soaking the mud - this finally helped!

He has lost more sole so hopefully I will be able to get the farrier out at the end of next week, then I can move him for his holiday! We are in the 7th week of having these shoes on Sam which is the longest he has ever been! We used to just make 5 weeks, then we made 5 weeks where the shoe was still on. I moved him mainly due to his hooves and since being moved he has not lost a shoe, made 5 weeks easily, last time made 6 weeks and now 7 weeks and the shoes are still tight!!!! Very exciting. It is so dry here at the moment nobodies hooves are growing but I soak Sam's hooves and this I find helps keep them growing and keeps them a bit more supple. The longer I leave it the better because I won't have to rush when I get him to Wagga to find a farrier. Saying that I don't want to leave it too long and do damage - fine line!

I walked him out and he was walking out better, a little tender but happier. I decided to ride but only really at a walk. I hoped on, sorted myself out, sat up straighter, raised the rein slightly and gave a small squeeze - he moved off! I thought forward and he stepped out further. This time I actually felt him not speed up but lengthen his stride!!!!! Awesome! I just rode out on a loose rein and did a little bit of trot on a loose rein and practiced thinking my transitions. He even trotted over a pole in a straight line!!!!!!! Generally we weave towards them, over them and away from them :o) He was sore when I trotted him around a barrel so we retired then. When I hoped off I asked him to move his hind quarters and then his shoulders. He did it all without the general fuss so I left it at that. All in all about 15min of work but happy, relaxed good work that we haven't had for a while.

I did soak the ground a bit and put his hay in the middle so hopefully it will help finish off those soles!!!!!

So glad Sam was happier today. Isn't it strange I don't usually pick up his hooves and check them when I go out just to feed but yesterday I did and noticed the mud in his hooves. (the mud was from around the trough, I had emptied it and cleaned it the day before) Lucky I did because otherwise it probably would have taken me just that little longer to figure why he was a bit tender! I did take his temp as well just in case and it was fine!

Maybe that was why Sam was off yesterday but I don't think so because he was still happy to walk out yesterday - maybe he was just having a bad day. Glad to have happy Sam back!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sam and the silent treatment

Well it looks like Sam and I are giving each other the silent treatment. I went out to the paddock this afternoon and Sam was trying to have a pick in his paddock. Normally when I drive in and park my car Sam will wander up to the closest corner. He didn't even lift his head. I normally call out 'HELLO SAM!' when I get out of the car but he hadn't lifted his head so I didn't call out to him. I walked over to his paddock and started filling his trough - still not talking to me.

I grabbed the wheel barrow to clean the paddock, he had moved to a corner and had his back facing me. I didn't say or do anything I just went about my business and cleaned the paddock. I did notice he was aware of where I was at all times. I finished cleaning the paddock and filling his trough. By now he had at least turned around so he was side on to me. I put his night rug on, went and rugged the pony next to him and went to get his dinner.

Came back with his dinner and I decided to change his night rug for a lighter one as it was very warm (bad choice now!) He just stood there as normal but went to walk away when I went to do the back leg straps up. Normally he is really good just stands there. I fed him, then the pony, then took his hay in.

Nothing from him at all! Hopefully he will be a little happier tomorrow arvo!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just Thoughts - Warning long post

I have a few thoughts -

1) I have decided to let Sam have a holiday before our big move. He seems to be having more and more off days, I think maybe he is really bored in his small paddock by himself and is getting sick and tired of being ridden. This would be the most work he has ever done! In about two weeks he will go back out to Jayne's - where I used to keep him and he will go back out into a 15 acre paddock with his best friend Ted. They can gallop and play till they are exhausted! I will hopefully get video footage of when I take him back!

2) I have been reading Kate's blogs about the Mark Rashid Clinic. I have been giving a lot of thought to having a clear plan of what you want and thinking it before giving an aid, making the aid as light as what you want it to be. Kate explains this very well on her blog. On Thursday I thought I would give this a go. I only put a halter on Sam as I didn't want to interfere too much, I wasn't concerned too much about head placement I wanted him to move forward. Once I was mounted and had settled myself I made sure my legs were relaxed and not tight or gripping on his body, I thought walk, active walk, I sat up straight (puffed my chest out) picked my rein up, then lightly squeezed with my lower leg. SAM MOVED FORWARD!!!!!! I nearly fell off with excitement! He has never moved off an aid so lightly before. The first few steps were slow but soon it was a pretty active walk for Sam. I thought halt and in a few steps he halted! Same process for walk and it happened again!

We practiced halt, walk a few times and I was very impressed. I decided to give trot a go so I picked my mark and started the thought process. I still had to give a light squeeze to trot but you wouldn't believe it - HE TROTTED!!!!!! Once again I was excited. The trot was active and forward. Sometimes it fell into sluggish mode but with a positive thought it came back to active.

That is when I lost it and asked for too much and pushed him for too much. Basically I put him on a 12m circle and expected him to bend and step up under himself. He was losing concentration, I wasn't thinking clearly and he certainly let me know that it was all a bit much. He didn't rear but just threw his head around and threatened to rear. All this was at the trot so I pushed him out onto a straight line, asked him to trot out around the riding area with no pressure, bought him back to walk and called it a day. Why did I push him? He was giving me what I wanted and I just had to go that extra step instead of being happy with what he gave, especially for the first time. It is something I really have to work on.

Friday I didn't do anything just fed him. He was still in a bad mood and got a bit silly when I was carrying his dinner over to his feed bin. This is very unusual for Sam. He has always been an absolute pleasure at feed times. Waits patiently, follows at a respectful space. I made him stand back, rugged him and left. I wasn't going to drag him away from his dinner to see what his problem was I figured it was another bad mood day.

Today Scott and I stopped by the paddock late morning because it was a beautiful day and I wanted him to go bare bum! He was in a happy mood. Straight up to say hello, asked for a scratch and happy to stand for his rug to be taken off. I went and grabbed some fly spray as I noticed the flys were bad, some treats and a small section of hay. He was great at letting me spray him with fly spray without moving around too much. This was without a halter on. He hates the fly spray so I wasn't sure if he would let me or not. I gave him and his friend next door the treats and left him some hay in the shade of a tree. It was great to see him happy again.

This afternoon I went back out to feed and thought I would give long reining a go. I had no idea if he had ever long reined before and I am not 100% sure of how to do it but I thought we could try something new. I put his lunge roller on and his bridle and off we went to the riding area. I used two lunge reins and my lunge whip. I did everything up and placed the reins along his body, I rubbed him over with them and bumped them all over him, he didn't care. I stood behind him and asked him to walk on, nothing, walk on, he then kept trying to face me, finally a step forward, PRAISE!!!!!!! He then figured it out and off we went and at a wobbly walk! He did great, turning was a different thing but we got the hang of it. Up into trot and back to walk and halt. He even let me stand in the middle and he trotted around me on the lunge. I even dropped the reins and was able to walk up to him and give him a scratch and praise and walk back and pick up the reins without his moving off! What a clever boy! We were only out there for about 15 - 20min but I thought that was enough. I long reined him right back to the stables.

I will just keep trying new little things for the next two weeks, until I can move him and he can have a well earned holiday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saddlecloths and saddle fitting

I find this a hard subject. I think it is hard to really tell if your saddle really fits or not. Yes you can make sure it isn't sitting on the wither, tilting back or forward but there are so many more subtle things that may be hurting your horse.

Why has this subject come up? Scott came out with me on Sunday when I rode Sam because I have been becoming a little nervous latley. Of course Sam was perfect which was good but Scott asked why I was using 2 saddlecloths. I normally use an easyclean go between (scroll down if you would like to see it) under my saddlecloth but when I had Sam clipped thought the easyclean might rub so I started using two saddlecloths. I didn't seem to have any problems using two saddlecloths. This evening I only used one saddlecloth because I had washed one and had left it in the car. I was too lazy to go back and get it.

The difference was amazing. I felt deeper in the saddle. I didn't feel like I was sitting on top of a tall tower on top of Sam. Anyway this made me think. Would this be the cause of Sam's sorness in his hip and shoulder? The hip that is sore, that hoof is dragging slightly along the ground in trot. I have noticed that that hoof is slightly worn differently. I just can't recall if this is something that has been happening since he was clipped - when I started using two saddlecloths.

I will be going back to using just one and will even question using my easyclean go between. I was looking at getting one of those sheepskin half pads that are all the rage. Why - because I wanted to have something that was all the rage, silly I know. I won't be getting one of those anymore.

What does everybody else use?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sam and I work with massage

I had a horse massuse out to Sam today. She is 7 months pregnant so couldn't actually do any treatment but assessed him for me.

Sam is tight through his near side hip and off side shoulder. She said he was pretty good really and gave me heaps of stretches to do with him and showed me massage techniques.

Sam really liked and so did I. She was lovely and was happy to chat about what I do, how I exercise him and what I feed him. She also told me where she studied and so I am going to look into that as well.

When I rode Sam Friday morning and refused to go forward in canter. That was why I called her. She thinks it is a training and sorness issue. She said the canter will come - don't rush it. I will back off a bit in our training and work more on flexion, suppleness.

Scott bought Jack out with him this afternoon and all four of us went for a lovely walk around the bridle paths. Sam wanted to play or eat Jack not quite sure which one but I think he still enjoyed getting out.

I will let know you how the Sunday ride goes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Virtual Trail Ride

Well thanks to Kate I would like to invite everyone on a virtual trail ride with Sam and I!

You all know Sam - very friendly fellow and we would love to have some company on our rides!
Today we will take you on a short trail ride on some of the Bridle Paths we have around his paddocks. Mount Up and lets go!!!! Down the driveway and turn right because it is the quickest way to get off the road and the quieter way. Past our paddocks

and our first adventure will be the bitumen bridge crossing.

Long way down!

Past the minature ponies who will sometimes gallop around all our ponies will probably look at them with wide eyes! Past the noisey dog and we will then turn left onto the beginning of the bridle path.

Here we can go for a trot and look at the two little Brahman bulls in the paddock on the right. Sometimes they will come for a trot with us. Sam will look after us, he loves cows! At the end we have a choice left or right. Right will take us out onto the road and then over to another bridle path that will take us through to a quiet dirt road. Today we will turn left.

Past the two oldies on the right. They won't bother us, happy to stand quietly under the trees day dreaming. A little further on we will pass a paddock full of Arabs. These guys love to run and will probably snort and carry on a bit. We can trot down here or even if you are up to it a canter. Keep an eye out for little Kangaroos, they are every where!

Next will be a gully crossing. Sam and I usually turn around here - mum is too scared to do the crossing just yet but we are working our way up to it!

This heading home back the way we just came.

This is a short little ride but a lovely walk with things still to look at and it gets us out and about. The next picture is us nearly home again coming up to the paddocks

Once we get home you can watch Sam stick is tongue out

And then suck his tongue for a while -

We can let the horses have a pick for a while and we can sit back and relax, watching them while having a cool drink! Hope you can join us again sometime!!!!!!! Sam and I loved having you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What do think? Horses do they experiment?

What do you think of my thinking

If you show a horse that they can flex their poll and necks, that they can bend and flex through their body do you think they can get excited and use this new found freedom to become more energetic when ridden?

Reason I ask is because since Sam has learnt that he can relax through his body while being ridden he has become a lot more forward, energetic and naughty? Maybe he is experimenting with his body - what can he do?

I think he has a sore hip. I stood up above him this afternoon and looked down and his off side isn't as developed as his near side.

Sam is changing, he tries different things with his body more now. Is this him trying to figure out what I am asking? I think sometimes people get scared when their horses show forward impulsion. Why do I think this because I am one of those people I think. Sam still hasn't done anything really really bad, yes he has reared but he hasn't bolted off, really bucked or just gotten really nasty so this makes me think he is experimenting with his body.

Peoples thoughts?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trail Ride

I didn't ride Sam on Friday I just took him out for a pick.

Saturday I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed - everything was going wrong in life in general and I felt emotional so I decided not to ride. Instead Sam and I went for a really long walk on a trail we had never taken before. Sam met Peacocks and he had a lovely roll in the dry creek bed in something that made his mane stand on end - YUK!!!!!. When we got back I realised we had been gone for an hour and a half.

Sunday I decided to ride where we walked yesterday. Sam was happy to set out and about 500m up the road a kangaroo jumped through the scrub on the side of the road and poor Sam and I nearly jumped out of our skins. I am very thankful that Sam is a horse that spooks on the spot if that makes sense. We have to cross a bitumen bridge that Sam prefers to cross in the middle. I don't blame him it is a long way down over the side!

After the bridge there is a vacant block that I sometimes work Sam in. I took him down here because I thought I would give him a trot down there. He was tense looking around and I didn't ask for anything but trot on a loose rein. He was very distracted at everything so I kept him walking back out on the road. He stopped to have a wee and I saw two ponies up the road heading our way. I jumped off - why - because I didn't want an argument. I lead him past them with no problems. I walked Sam on foot up the bridle path, across the road and through the gully. Why did I walk all this way - because I knew the areas I would be nervous and I didn't want him to feel that. Once we were out on the dirt road I jumped back on. Sam was a little hesitant about going forward so I made sure I had no grip in my legs and gave him taps and asked with my voice to walk on.

We had to walk over a causeway which he did with wide eyes and ears out to the side and when we came up over the small rise there were palm leaves in the road. Well these were monsters. He looked and went to run off. I asked him to turn to look at it but I had a barbed wire fence right behind us so I had to really be careful. After Sam was happy to stand I jumped off and led him over to the palm leaves. He walked towards them slowly, head down, snorting, he reached them and sniffed, picked them up with his teeth, shook it, dropped it, sniffed again and then was happy to walk over the top and actually stand on it. I turned him around and he walked over it again. I picked them to move them off the road. He had to sniff and play tug of war again. I jumped back on the went to head off down the road again.

Keep in mind we walked all this way the day before. Sam was very nervous and looky. I got him about another 500m more and I decided that he had had enough. I asked him to turn towards home and he turned really quickly. Nope turn back around and walk away from home. Then I asked for a circle towards home and a circle away from home. Halt facing away from home, turn around halt facing towards home. He was getting cranky so we started for home. Halt, turn walk away from home, circle towards home, halt facing home. Walk on but at a steady pace. I had no contact on the reins and made sure no contact with my legs. I tried really hard to relax my seat and I did a few big loud sighs. I could feel Sam was tense and really wanted to trot off but without any corrections from me he stayed at a walk. A ute was hurtling down the road towards us but thankfully saw us and slowed down. We were still smothered in dust and dirt and Sam actually stopped on his own and then once it cleared a bit walked on. Along the way I still asked for halt with my seat and voice every now and again. I didn't ask for him to halt for long maybe about 3 seconds but I wanted to make sure he was still with me.

We were back at the gully so I jumped off to lead him through. On the Saturday a kangaroo jumped through the dry creek bed and scared Sam when we walking through it and today when we reached that spot he stopped and watched the area where the kangaroo went through the day before. Do they remember things like that? Was he expecting the kangaroo to jump back through? He went to roll again but I wouldn't allow him as he was saddled. Up we went and I jumped back on when he reached the bridle path. He walked quietly and then called out. A horse in a nearby paddock called back and started to canter around. Sam watched but I felt no tension but I did ask him verbally not to call out again. He did but stopped halfway through. Once again I felt no tension and his head carriage stayed low and level with his wither. I didn't interfere with him at all and left it all up to him to take me home. I noticed he took the same line as the one we took yesterday, not the line we took on the way out. I found this interesting. He nosed the same mailboxes that he did the day before (didn't lick them today though).

I noticed the walk slowed as we got to the comfort area. The comfort area was the area we have ridden a few times before. When walking in front of the paddocks at home it was a very slow walk. I was going to lunge him when we got home so he could burn a bit of energy that he would have had left but because the ride ended so well I figured that might end it off on a bad note. Benny came over and they had a chat and played at pulling each others halters off so I thought that was a nice finish.

Another Ron Paterson Lesson

On Thursday I had another lesson with Ron Paterson. I was extremely nervous. Sam has improved greatly since our last lesson but Ron is very gruff and he does not really like Sam. Sam loaded quietly with a few hesitant steps but no rearing this time. Benny didn't want to be caught so it was good Sam had to stand in the float for about 5min all by himself. He called a few times but other than that he was very well behaved.

Off we set. I am always very nervous about floating, I have never had an accident or and I have never had any horses ever go down in a float with me but all the horror stories you hear make me worry. We had an awesome run only had to stop at one red light and got to the lesson in 35min instead of 45min. Sam unloaded quietly and both horses were happy to stand in yards next to each other and play.

We saddled up and started our warm up. Sam was good except when Benny trotted off in front of him. He tensed and went to trot after him. I asked him to turn in a small circle and walked him over into the arena next to where Benny was working. This seemed to settle him and he was quite happy to trot around in a long round frame. He listened to the transitions but wasn't as forward as I would have liked. I didn't want to push the issue knowing we had an hour of work ahead of us.

The lesson began - we were working on our positions. We started at the walk and held our hands out to the sides but in front of us, felt for a light contact and made sure we had our legs off. I had forward!!!!! I had been gripping with my knees and thighs so tight that it was really hard for Sam to step out and move forward. He still needed a tap every now and again to remind him to stay forward but it was awesome. We also bought both hands over to the inside to bring the horse onto a smaller circle. If he drifted out to use the outside leg. Then using the inside leg push them out. This created bend to the inside and had them working from the inside leg to the outside hand.

I also have to give more through my hips and not brace myself so much. Up into the trot and Sam really started to reach down, trot out and bend. He was even softer than at home - I did not realise this was possible, well not with Sam. Up into canter. First canter to the right was fine but canter to the left was a disaster. Up on his hind legs again. I don't know what I did or why it happened. Sam came down and I just asked him to keep on trotting around. Ron wanted me to canter straight away again but I needed to calm down. I asked for a moment which he wasn't happy with but I refused to canter when my heart was racing at a million beats a second!!!! Asked again, wrong lead, asked again it was right lead and Sam was a lot more settled this time. Bend to the outside for a good two circles, bend back in and he softened and gave, lovely.

Back to trot. 20m circle, do 3 smaller circles in this 20m circle. Ask for the smaller circles by bringing both hands over to the inside. At the end of the third circle use your inside leg to push him out onto the large circle. Then do two small circles and push out to the large circle and then do one small circle and push out the larger circle. Repeat the exercise on the other rein. I found this helped better getting Sam listening to my inside leg. Oh and turn your body in from your hips. Turn your upper body to where you want to go.

We had a break and that is when the next lesson started to warm up in the arena next to ours. I lost Sam then. We were about 45min into our lesson and he just lost all concentration and wanted to chat to the other horse. At trot he was OK but I couldn't get him to canter again and when I finally did I couldn't get him to go forward. It felt as though he was cantering on the spot. Ron couldn't help me. I just tapped with my legs, tried to not grip with my legs and didn't touch his mouth. Ron wanted me to have a contact and even bring him around onto a smaller circle if necessary. Sam finally cantered out a bit more but it wasn't forward. I was uptight during this and I am sure that didn't help it. I think I am really nervous asking for canter. I am scared about putting that outside leg behind the girth, what if he bucks or really doesn't like my leg there. Why am I like this? I think because previous horses have played up either pig rooting or bucking going into canter. I prefer to use my voice to get Sam to canter. Something I need to work on.

Lesson over and Sam was still full of beans. He must be quite fit, a lot fitter than I give him credit for. He coped well with the lesson I think. Yes he lost focus but I believe an hour of concentration is a lot to ask of him and me!!!!!! I untacked and took him over to the round yard so he could have a well earned roll. He only rolled one side then was looking for food. We let them pick for a good 30min and I iced both front legs for this time. I am still quite wary of his tendon sheath. Sam took a little longer to load to come home. Still no rearing but he was a little more hesitant. I was still happy with him. The lesson gave me a lot to work on, lots of things to think about.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!

Something has happened with Sam and I. Something has clicked I think. Saturday I had a frustrated day. Tried to ride mid morning but I was angry and frustrated and Sam of course didn't want to play the game with me like that so I put him back in his paddock with some extra hay and went home. Later that afternoon I went out and rode. I was a lot happier so so was he.

On Sunday something happened. I don't know what I did differently but I wish I knew what. I started out with a lot of flexing and bending at the walk on both reins. (This is something I have started doing a lot more of during the last week) Up into the trot and he was tense and yuk. I just let him have his head and pushed him out around the riding paddock. Little more leg and the head went down (then straight back up) leg, head went down - see the pattern happening - I start to take up a light contact, leg on, head down but not up as quickly.

Soon I had him up, round, bending through the body on the left rein - WOW! Right rein which is our bad one - slow to come but then it started, softer, a little more bend, round, lighter - this was starting to hold for half a 20m circle - WOW. Into a serpentine and here we are changing our bend with little tension. I even had a few walk trot transitions where I could feel his back come up that much it really pushed me up out of the saddle - WOW!!!!!

I must say I finished that ride on top of the world. I wish I could explain it all, what we did exactly, how it felt, the lightness and the amount of forward I had with out having to push and constantly ask.

I gave him a good walk out and a shampoo and extra hay.

Then today I rode again. I wasn't expecting to have a ride like Sundays but I was hoping for glimpses of it. On the left rein I certainly did and I had the reaching down and roundness a lot quicker. I pushed Sam into a canter on the left rein, I just started to ask for him to bend, give, soften.

Canter I really haven't worked on and the few times that I have I have had a lot of difficulty in a) keeping him going b) stopping the 4 beat coming through c) just no softness

Then he gave, then he softened, then he gave some bend, then it wasn't 4 beat, but it was round, soft!!!!! Once again he couldn't hold it for long about 1/3rd of a 30m circle but you know what he showed me what we were in for. I was so excited! Unfortunately I got a little carried away and tried the right rein, this was terrible but he moved off the leg slightly, good start, and he gave a few times. I couldn't ask for more on his bad rein.

So my wonderful little pony is really coming along in leaps and bounds. I have never bought a horse along like this before. I have never had this sort of improvement. WOW!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sam goes to the Vet - Mum overacts!!!!!

Sorry about the lack of posts but it has been a hectic week. Yesterday Sam went to the vets. On Monday afternoon when I went out to ride I found a small amount of swelling above his fetlock. (Jackie - a mare a used to own - suffered from a lot of ligament and tendon issues) I had a mild panic attack but he wasn't sore when I touched it nor was he lame when I trotted him out nor did he have any heat. I put a poultice on it anyway just in case. Tuesday it was still there. I ice bandaged the area twice a day until Thursday morning when I was able to get him in to see Brad. Brad is awesome with lameness, reproduction and weird things with horses.

He has a sprained ankle. This is what is wrong with Sam in words I understand. He has damaged the tendon sheath slightly which has allowed a small amount of blood to enter - hence the swelling. The swelling may never go away or it may go away in a few months.

I was so nervous on Thursday morning I was physically ill before I left to go to the paddock. I have never been like that before so it was very weird. I think I had googled what it could have been too much and got myself so worked up! I always self diagnose the worst case scenario! Sam also loaded very well. He started to show tenseness when led to ward the float, two little rears and on he went. Scott was there to do up the back bum bar for me when I asked. When we loaded at the vets similar. 4min both times from go to finish. I guess the work has been working but we aren't quite there yet!

I am able to work Sam and just monitor how he goes. I worked him lightly this morning so I will ride again on the weekend and see how we go!