Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sam and the silent treatment

Well it looks like Sam and I are giving each other the silent treatment. I went out to the paddock this afternoon and Sam was trying to have a pick in his paddock. Normally when I drive in and park my car Sam will wander up to the closest corner. He didn't even lift his head. I normally call out 'HELLO SAM!' when I get out of the car but he hadn't lifted his head so I didn't call out to him. I walked over to his paddock and started filling his trough - still not talking to me.

I grabbed the wheel barrow to clean the paddock, he had moved to a corner and had his back facing me. I didn't say or do anything I just went about my business and cleaned the paddock. I did notice he was aware of where I was at all times. I finished cleaning the paddock and filling his trough. By now he had at least turned around so he was side on to me. I put his night rug on, went and rugged the pony next to him and went to get his dinner.

Came back with his dinner and I decided to change his night rug for a lighter one as it was very warm (bad choice now!) He just stood there as normal but went to walk away when I went to do the back leg straps up. Normally he is really good just stands there. I fed him, then the pony, then took his hay in.

Nothing from him at all! Hopefully he will be a little happier tomorrow arvo!


Kate said...

Wonder what's up with him?

SprinklerBandit said...

Horses are odd sometimes. It's cute that he usually greets you, though.