Monday, July 13, 2009

What do think? Horses do they experiment?

What do you think of my thinking

If you show a horse that they can flex their poll and necks, that they can bend and flex through their body do you think they can get excited and use this new found freedom to become more energetic when ridden?

Reason I ask is because since Sam has learnt that he can relax through his body while being ridden he has become a lot more forward, energetic and naughty? Maybe he is experimenting with his body - what can he do?

I think he has a sore hip. I stood up above him this afternoon and looked down and his off side isn't as developed as his near side.

Sam is changing, he tries different things with his body more now. Is this him trying to figure out what I am asking? I think sometimes people get scared when their horses show forward impulsion. Why do I think this because I am one of those people I think. Sam still hasn't done anything really really bad, yes he has reared but he hasn't bolted off, really bucked or just gotten really nasty so this makes me think he is experimenting with his body.

Peoples thoughts?


Kate said...

A horse that is soft in the topline and using the abdominal muscles underneath can lift himself and thus show implusion. A stiff, bracey horse can't. Horses who have learned how to do this under saddle (most horses do it naturally at liberty) can really move with impulsion - it's a wonderful feeling. I agree that a lot of people get scared by this - it does feel big - but that's usually because they've only ridden stiff bracey horses and associate big with horses moving too fast. Impulsion actually feels completely different. I bet Sam is learning this!

On the hip - have someone lead Sam away from you - with you standing directly behind him - at a vigorous walk and watch his hips - the point of each hip - move up and down. Are both hips moving up and down by the same amount, that is, is the motion on both sides equal? If there's a problem, often one hip will not move all the way up. Also watch the barrel swing - does it swing equally to both sides or is one side "stuck"? If you see issues, it may be time for a visit by the chiropractor.

Nina said...

Thanks Kate. Yes I agree I think Sam is learning implusion and at times it does scare me but we will work through it together!

Thanks for the idea with the hips. I will get Scott to come out this week and we will have a look at his hips. I will keep you guys posted!