Wednesday, March 31, 2010


OK I can't hold it in any longer! WE HAVE FOUND A NEW HOME!!!!!!!! It still isn't all finalised but we are buying a little 2 bedroom cottage on 5 acres! It is soooooo cute! In its day we think it would have been really something but there is a tenant in it at the moment and they have let it go to rack and ruin. Things can be cleaned and fixed, the main thing is SAM CAN LIVE WITH US!!!!

I have looked at where the arena can go. Still deciding where to build the stables, some fences need to be moved and you know what - I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

I don't really have any good pictures for you yet but they will come! Directly across the road is a 100 acre reserve that I can ride in. It is on a quiet road and there are a lot of dirt lane ways around to hack along.

So many ideas and plans I just want to move in now! Hopefully we will be in by early May!!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Better rides and a Sad day

OK things are back on track. I have cut back his oaten hay right back and increased the Speedibeet (which he loves) and things have calmed down. We have had a few quiet rides again which have been lovely!

I had a lesson on Sunday, first one of the year. Jane was happy with how he was working once I started to 'ride'. I was trying to get Sam to work how I had him working in our own training sessions but I was trying to ask without looking like I was doing anything. Well Sam isn't that far in his training just yet. We still look messy and ugly. Once I started to really ride and really ask Sam to work he produced some really nice work. My position has improved but I still have a long way to go. Jane says I am over thinking things and making things difficult for myself. I am not sure about that but I have things to practice so we will keep trying!

Today I took Sam out for a short hack. I find he gets sour quickly if I do arena work 2-3 days in a row. Today I asked for a long, low round frame at walk, trot and canter. We did this around the large riding paddock and he was soft, swinging and relaxed. I managed to work on relaxing my upper body in the canter.

I also got a little sidetracked grooming Sam before tacking up today. I managed to get all the bot eggs off him, cleaned up his bridle path, trimmed his face, ears ( I leave the hair in the ear I just trim the hair that sticks out) oiled his hooves, massaged him all over. I think he enjoys being pampered at times. I have to pick my days but today he stood quietly for the whole ordeal!

Some sad news. Saturday a friend asked me to come and look at the horse she was leasing. That morning he was being silly in the paddock as horses went by and when she looked out again he was hopping on 3 legs. She rang the vet and they gave her an anti-inflammatory injection to give him. I saw him around 5pm and suggested she get a vet out as soon as possible. The horse was still not weight bearing on his off side fore. He was agitated, sweating, high heart rate and muscles starting to quiver - he was getting tired. She is 40km out of town so it took a while to get the vet out. When the vet arrived it was decided that we needed to float the horse into the UNI (they have a equine specialist centre there) for x-rays. Because she leases the horse the owner had to be contacted and we had to wait for him to get there with the float. By this stage it was about 8.15pm, dark and Anni (the horse) was getting very tired. He was a little trooper though. He pulled all his strength together and got himself up onto that float. I was not able to go with them to the UNI but he had dislocated his elbow. Anni was put to sleep on Saturday 27th March at 10pm. Anni was 17 years old. Lovely old boy. It was sad, mentally draining afternoon with a very sad outcome. I went out to see Sam straight after - poor bugger still needed his tucker! I gave him a huge hug and loads of kisses and thanked him for being so awesome. I told his how much I loved him and gave him a little bit extra in his feed that night.

I think we sometimes take our ponies for granted and it isn't until tragedies happen that bring us back to reality and realise just what we have.

Sam - I love you, I respect you, I thank you for all that you teach me, I appreciate your patience with me and I feel that you are my equal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Terrible ride tonight. Sam has way too much energy! I can't be cranky with him, it is my fault but I am starting to pull my hair out with what I can feed. I like to feed a lot of roughage as he doesn't have any grass to feed on. As you found out in the previous post I can't feed him the pasture hay I found and put him back on oaten hay. Well the oaten hay is certainly in his system now and boy has it been giving him some energy! I have been feeding a total of 7kg of oaten hay per day and I am going to cut it back to 3kg a day. I am going to get some speedibeet and see of that helps. He really doesn't get a lot in hardfeed, 1kg of mixed chaff, 400grams of pellets twice a day.

Has anyone fed Speedibeet? They say you can use it as some of the roughage in the diet does it work? I like Sam eating for hours at a time, will he do this with Speedibeet?

I think it takes a good 7 days for feed to work its way out of system doesn't it?

Back to our ride. He just wanted to burst out of his skin and did try to when I asked him for the first trot but he contained himself. After a lot of trot and circles and changes of the rein and canter work on large and small circles he finally asked to slow down. At that point I knew I could commence 'training'. We did 15min in the arena and I really asked for things to be right on, moving off my leg, transitions up and down. He finally picked this up and I think we ended on a good note.

I tried not to take it out on Sam as really it isn't his fault but he was so hot when we finished and it is starting to really cool down at night here so I gave him a quick hose, popped his polar fleece on and he had to walk with me while I cleaned his paddock to help cool him down. He was not impressed with this but didn't argue too badly!

Tomorrow is another day and we will try again!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!!!!!

Since Sam has been back my life has become very busy once again! I don't really know where to start as so much has been happening. The pasture hay that Sam wasn't eating has given him chronic diarrhoea. Poor bugger it was explosive and just running down his back legs. We have changed him back to oaten hay which he prefers to eat and it took about three days before his poos started to firm up. Now we have firm cow patties. A big improvement! Also the dripple has just about stopped. Poor bugger. I guess now I know - just leave him on oaten hay! He never had a temperature, he was never lethargic or depressed, never dehydrated and happy to work.

He has been a gem to work. We are only doing fitness work at the moment with about min of circle type work. He lost all of his fitness and is finding it hard to keep a canter but he is still very happy to go out and have a go at working! We are also doing a lot of gully work to help strengthen those hind quarters.

Already we have been called upon to go out to the large riding area with other horses to help as a calming influence. A friend has decided to sell her horse as she just isn't working out. I went down with her twice now and twice she has ended up dismounting due to her mare pigrooting and trying to bolt home. She is fine heading away from home but once we start that homeward walk all hell breaks loose. The owner is an unconfident rider and doesn't have the skills or knowledge to deal with a horse like she has and I think she has made the right decision.

You know what, Sam is working so well and I am having so much fun I have put getting another horse on hold for a while. I think he really needed that break, mentally. He just seems so happy and willing, I don't think I have ever felt him like this before.

Work is flat out as well so I am riding after work at the moment which makes it a very long day, I get home around 8.30pm, have dinner, check emails, go to bed and do it all again the next day! Daylight savings is ending in the beginning of April so I will have to start riding in the mornings instead.

I LOVE MY PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS I have just ordered a new browband, reins and stirrup leathers for him from England. Can't wait for them to arrive!!!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rain, rain go away

The heavens opened sometime during the night and has drowned the Riverina area! They haven't had rain like this for probably 10 or so years in this area so it is very welcomed. The dams are over flowing, paddocks are under water, roads are cut, creeks are running and rivers are starting too!!!! Sam is cold and depressed!

I didn't rug him last night because he is dirty and he has lived bare bum for the last 5 weeks. When I got out there this morning the poor bugger was hunched over, shivering in the corner. I put his hay in his shelter (it is a 3 sided shelter but very small) trying to get him out of the rain. He would stay in there as long as I stayed with him. SO i moved the hay so it was closer to the front so he was half in, half out. Rugged him up and left him to fend for himself.

This afternoon when I went back out to see how he had coped through the day, it was a miserable sight. He was standing up in his corner looking very depressed. I called out to him and all I got was a look and then he went back to a depressed stance. He had hardly touched his hay from this morning (I am worried he doesn't like it) but while I was sorting out what he had left he came and joined me. I gave him some lucerne hay tonight to help warm him up a bit. He also got a small amount of pellets - more to make me feel good. He was reasonably dry under his rug but I put a polar fleece on underneath to help keep him warm through the night. I moved his hay so it was in one of the front corners and got him to turn around so he was in the shelter but looking out. He seemed to stay in there when I left.

It has stopped raining at the moment so hopefully it is moving on. Sorry false alarm just started again!

I got a delivery of pasture hay (50 bales) while Sam was away. I had seen a bale at the end of last year and even fed it to Sam to make sure he would eat it, he did. He didn't eat it all last night or this morning. I am hoping it is because he is being a bit fussy - it isn't as nice as fresh pasture. The hay is clean, smells nice he ate it when I got the one to try. A few other people got some as well so I will have to see if their horses are eating it. I hope he does start to eat it otherwise I will have to sell it and find other hay.

I was meant to have tomorrow off work but Katie can't get off her farm because their creek has burst its banks and they are stuck! So there goes my day with Sam but that's ok. If it warms up tomorrow I should finish early enough to wash him before it gets dark.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


We picked up Super Sam this afternoon. He met us halfway in the paddock and was happy to come right up to the float and stand there while we cleaned out his hooves, took a few nails out of a hoof (he lost his nearside fore shoe) and have a chat about barefoot trimming. Finally we were ready to load and up he went, back then forward again. He was on in about 30 seconds! He then stood in there and waited while we had a bit more of a chat with Tracey.

The drive home was uneventful and he unloaded reasonably well. He didn't back out quite as fast as he normally does. I tied him up so I could rasp that hoof a bit, give him a brush (which he loved) and a once over. He stood there quietly even when I went away to grab things, help Scott, chat with people. I was so proud of him. He had a trot around his paddock and checked it out again. Met his new neighbour Thomas, had a roll, drink, nibbled at some hay and in general checked things out.
This is the condition he came home in. I was pretty happy, he lost his top line but has a nice grass belly, good shine and he is happy, old Sam again! He wasn't really touched while he was there, the odd pat but in general he was left to be a horse!!!!!

Tomorrow if we have good weather, they are predicting rain, I will give him a bath and take him for a walk out around the riding paddock, generally love him!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sam is coming home!!!!!!

Big day on Saturday. I can't wait, I have really missed Sam over the past week and a half. We were going to pick him up after work on Friday but I have been asked to close up instead of open so I won't finish until 6pm. It would still give me about 2.5hrs of daylight but I would feel rushed and I don't want that. I get worked up enough as it is about floating. I am sure he will be fine I just don't want to jinx it. I want us to start again on a good note.

Last night Scott and I went out to the paddock and Scott mowed it for me. The weeds were really high, I sprayed last weekend around the edges and some of the big ones in the paddock. We are hoping if we can keep it short it might die. I have been promised another paddock it just has to be fenced so it might be a few months away yet!

I get teased a lot out at the paddock about how I look after Sam. I am known as the pedantic owner. Sometimes it gets me down a bit, I just try to keep Sam happy, healthy both mentally and physically. I worry a lot about his well being and if I am giving him enough nutritionally, is he happy, is he warm, cool. He is not living in an environment that I am totally happy with but the best I can give at the moment. Oh well I do have to just get over it and know that I am happy with the care I give to him. I am horrified at what some people do, only feeding their horses once a day and they are kept in large dirt paddocks but you can't force your opinions onto others. Their horses seem happy and healthy so who am I to step in and upset the apple cart. I don't agree with how some people treat their horses or the way they train them. They aren't cruel as such but I know gentler ways of achieving the same goals. I have learnt to keep my mouth shut unless asked for my opinion or help. I can't wait until we can find a place of our own!!!!

I am having second thoughts about getting another horse. I am not worried about the horse itself just the cost of a second horse. My bills would double and I need to decide if I am willing to take that on. My husband is very supportive and thinks I should buy Nic but I always worry about money. I think my main worry is that if something happens to one of us will I still be able to provide for my horses. I know I could sell one of them but I am not good at selling horses, I normally buy for life. I hate that I am like this. I think about things, then go over and over it!

Pros for buying Nic:
I believe he would teach me a lot in all 3 disciplines
I believe my confidence would increase
With me learning quicker I would be able to help Sam better
Sam would have company

Cons for buying Nic:
My horse expenses would double
He will probably require Pentosan shots monthly and a daily joint food
Will I have the time to keep two horses in work
I would only be able to afford a lesson once a month instead of once a fortnight and only on one of them at a time (so 6 lessons each through out a year)

So much to think about, decisions to make and I know only I can make them.

I did talk to my instructor about Nic and she wasn't keen because he isn't ridden in a snaffle in jumping. I am thinking along the lines of, if I feel safe, he can do everything that I am looking for in a horse then if that is his only fault I can live with that. I should listen to my instructor but I feel I have been hurt emotionally too many times in the past. That is another post that I don't feel like writing about just yet - another time!

Sorry for the rambling but you know how it is sometimes typing it down can help. :o)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Thank you Tucker and Marissa for awarding me with this award!!!!!!! Yep is certainly is doing the rounds but I love it!!!!!! I will be sure to tell Sam that he received an award!!!!!

OK 7 things about me -

1) I went to boarding school from age 12 - 15. New England Girls School and we could keep our horse there. I loved every minute!!!!!! I hated the holidays because I had to leave Strides behind and I missed him like crazy!

2) My nickname from my husband is 'Princess' because sometimes I act like one! Lucky he loves me because I don't know who else would put up with me!

3) I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!! I eat it everyday. Easter time is my favorite time of the year because I love easter egg chocolate. I have already started on easter eggs - I am eating them now while blogging! :o)

4) I love trashy American TV shows - sorry guys but I love Bold and the Beautiful, Gossip Girl, ER. I find them an escape from Reality! I sometimes dream what it would be like to live a life like that - NO PONIES NO WAY!

5) I wish I could write. I dream of writing books and supporting myself that way but it really is only a dream.

6) I really enjoy my job. I am the Assistant Manager for a Horseland store. Sometimes it tiring but I love helping people and hearing about their successes. I love seeing all the new colours and what is going to be in fashion.

7) I wish I was an early morning person. Once I am up and out at the paddock I love it but I struggle to get out of bed in the mornings!!!! I am more of a night person.

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I could write a little bit about you all but I think if you haven't checked out any of the above blogs you should!!!! They all have something to offer and I enjoy reading them all!!!!!