Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just some photos

Wilbur hiding.

Poppy having a snooze

Little Laura who used to be with us

Friends huge dogs!

My beloved Jacki whom I still miss!

The boys checking out the morning view


Good Ol' Strides. We still miss you and love you!

I finally found him!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My absence has been intentional, I am struggling to decide what to write. I have not been in a good head space this month which has been reflecting in my riding. Poor Sam he has been trying so hard but I am giving mixed signals so he acting out - fair enough too.

I would like to go on a quiet trail ride with a quiet calm horse but I can't even achieve that at the moment. Things will work themselves out and I don't blame Sam - even though he is up on his toes, he is patient with me and I thank him for that.

One problem I am finding with our new addition - Poppy is the separation anxiety Sam now has. When they are in the same paddock he is horrible to her but when she is on the other side of the fence heaven forbid if she goes out of sight! I take her for walks in the afternoon and Sam goes crazy. Works himself into a lather of sweat, screaming for her. I am hoping he will soon get used to it but it seems to be getting worse!

Things will sort themselves out and life will become easier in time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back on board!

Sorry about the long absence. Sam is well - happy and feeling a very big spring in his step. With all the rain we have had the clover is really coming up in the paddock. It is still hard to work him due to the ground but we are slowly getting into some more consistant work. I have discovered the Pony Club grounds aren't too bad to ride on and only a 2.5km ride. We have used the grounds a couples of times.

Sam has a new friend, Little Poppy Poppin'. She is about 9hh, 3yo. Mini x Welsh A. She is very cute and is learning the ropes here quickly. She is getting better at having her halter put on, things over her back and picking up her hooves. She has also put on a bit of weight since arriving so is already on a diet! Sam loves her. He is a little mean at times but if she is out of sight when in the paddock there is a lot of calling and cantering around until she either answers or he finds her. He is good with leaving her when we go riding which is good. I won't make you read any more just indulge yourselves in the cuteness!

The photo that melted my heart.
She had just stepped off to the truck and we were leading her to the paddock.
Her first day with us - a little unsure of it all but willing to give it a go.
Sam more than happy to share his dinner with this little ball of fluff - this does not happen any more!
She comes riding with us!!!!!!