Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My absence has been intentional, I am struggling to decide what to write. I have not been in a good head space this month which has been reflecting in my riding. Poor Sam he has been trying so hard but I am giving mixed signals so he acting out - fair enough too.

I would like to go on a quiet trail ride with a quiet calm horse but I can't even achieve that at the moment. Things will work themselves out and I don't blame Sam - even though he is up on his toes, he is patient with me and I thank him for that.

One problem I am finding with our new addition - Poppy is the separation anxiety Sam now has. When they are in the same paddock he is horrible to her but when she is on the other side of the fence heaven forbid if she goes out of sight! I take her for walks in the afternoon and Sam goes crazy. Works himself into a lather of sweat, screaming for her. I am hoping he will soon get used to it but it seems to be getting worse!

Things will sort themselves out and life will become easier in time.


Anonymous said...

Herd-boundness is really hard to deal with, and I think it's harder the smaller the herd is. Just take him away up to the point he's starting to worry - but not acting out yet - it may only be a few yards - and then take him back and let him chill for a moment, and then repeat. It may take a week to get 50 yards, but he'll learn that he does get to come back, each time. If you don't push him too far and can patiently extend the boundaries, inch by inch and accepting the occasional back-sliding, he'll come right - I'm sure of it.

Marissa said...

Aw, I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you. I've gone through phases like that myself. I hope things get better soon. As for the herd-boundness, I think Kate gave you very good advice. Hang in there dear!

Wolfie said...

It will work out...it just takes time. The will be buddies in no time. Hope your life gets back to normal soon.