Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tony the Pony

Those beautiful pictures were of Tony the Pony. Tony came to stay with me to be bought back into work to be sold. He arrived on the Sunday, sold on the Tuesday and was picked up the following Sunday. Great for the owner but a little disappointing for me. He was a cracker of a pony, quiet but not dead. Forward but not out of control and could handle a kick, jab in the mouth, rider being unbalanced. He has done pony dressage and showing and pony club. He has gone to a lovely home with a little girl who really deserves him. It was great to have him for a week and to have fun with!!!!!!!
The photos don't do him justice.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



We have had a visitor for the past few days, Roger. A friends horse that I have been trialling to purchase. Roger s a Warmblood gelding 16.3hh, 6.5yo. Handsome fellow and a real character to have around. He loves smooches and scratches and cuddles! Very important!!!!!

Unfortunately Roger requires a LOT of motivation to stay forward, he is a very exhausting ride. My friend eventing him to prelim level but he just doesn't have the want to jump so that is why she is looking for a new home for him.

I am not a strong enough rider to keep him going so unfortunately Roger won't be coming to live with us permanently but I have learnt a lot all ready!

I have been looking actively for a new horse for a now for 18 months. I have been looking for an educated ride to teach me. What I am finding are heavy in your hand horses that are behind the leg and are reasonably dull to the aids. Now I am by no means a great rider, I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but all my horses have always been light in the hand, I can ride them with my ring finger and if I have to close my hand on the reins I am not happy. Yes Sam is a little lazy but not like these 'educated' horses. So what I have decided is that I will look at a green, sound and quiet horses and start again. It takes me a long time to train the basics but at least they have always been light and forward while sensible. I have always gotten horses off the track so I think I will start looking there again.

It was my best friends birthday last month and she requested a pony cake and this is what I made her!!!!!