Monday, March 30, 2009

Loosing weight

I think Sam has lost weight since moving. He isn't eating his hay and there really isn't any grass in his paddock so I gave in and bought some stalky lucerne hay today. Hopefully he won't get the runs with it. Victoria Ferguson is hopefully going to get back to me tomorrow with his new natural diet. I really want to get him started.

I took him for a walk down the road - just to get him out and seeing new things. He met wheelie bins for the first time and was more interested what was in them than themselves!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to ride tomorrow arvo. I am really thinking about doing the prep test on the 18th of April!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We rode today!!!!!!!

Today was a big day! I didn't sleep too well last night, I kept expecting to get a phone call saying that Sam was out trotting down the road!!!! I checked my mobile a thousand times! I decided to put my own electric fence up around his paddock just as a precaution so I could sleep soundly again. Hubby and I went out about 9am and he was still there standing under his tree whinnying at the neighbours horses. I think he is lonely even though he has the pony in the paddock next to him. I think he is missing being in a herd situation. At least he isn't pacing around or walking the fence line (this would take effort on Sam's behalf and he really won't do anything that requires unnecessary effort or energy!)

He followed us around while we banged posts in and watched as we unravelled the electric tape. He is a good boy. It didn't take us long so I gave him a cuddle and a kiss and told him I would be back in the afternoon.

This afternoon I went back and he was happy grazing which I was happy to see. His poo's are firming up as well which is a good sign. Not sure if I mentioned before but I tried to introduce French White Millet into his diet and he got very sloppy poos from it and even when I stopped it two and a half weeks later he still had sloppy poos. I wormed him last week so maybe that has helped as well.

I bought him around to the stable area to tack up and was expecting him to carry on a bit with the other two horses as he keeps calling out to them but he was falling asleep as I brushed him and tacked him up. Sarah's mum arrived as I was getting ready and she told me which paddock could ride in. It is about 3/4 of an acre and reasonably flat. It is a good area. I was very nervous as I haven't ridden Sam really for about 3 months. I took my lunge rein just in case. I did some ground work and he seemed fine so I just hopped on. I worry a lot for no reason. Sam walked out nicely and we had a good look around the new riding area. He was happy to trot and we did a few circuits and changed the rein a few times. We practiced our voice transitions and really you wouldn't know that he has had so much time off.

Sam and I were doing so well I thought - lets practice with just his halter on. I put his halter back on and started walking around - this is when I started to get worried. You see the riding area backs onto the neighbours riding area. A young girl came out and jumped on one of her horses bareback. No problem until she put it in the round yard where it proceeded to buck and snort and charge around. I tensed expecting Sam to stop and turn and want to look and maybe carry on a bit himself. You would think I would know him well enough by now - Sam couldn't care less. He just kept walking around, happy to stop and watch if I wanted to otherwise happy to walk and trot around. He really is a wonderful horse! I love him soooooo much. He is very stiff to the left so I will do some research about exercises I can do.

We didn't canter as I didn't want to over do it being how unfit he is. So I am pumped and motivated and I will start a fitness program and look at some lessons. There is a dressage competition around April 25th and I might look at entering just a prep class -walk and trot. He has never competed and I haven't competed in years so we will take things slow!

Can I just say again how good Sam was today. It was wonderful! It will be good when Sarah gets back because she can show me where the trails are around her place. Sarah's mum is going to get the phone number for me of a gentleman who grows lucerne and wheaten hay. I need to find some 2nd grade lucerne or if he will eat wheaten hay that would be great. He has decided that he doesn't like Rhodes hay after all and is enjoying spreading it around and rolling in it!!!!

It is lovely being able to look after Sam myself. I enjoy cleaning his paddock and scrubbing his water trough. They even have a little table and chair under a tree near his paddock where I can sit and watch him.

I forgot my camera put I promise to take photos soon!!!!!!!! I am so glad I moved!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sam seems very happy in his new paddock. When I went out this afternoon he was quite happy grazing. I locked Sarah's horses up so I could wash Sam and he was more than happy to stand quietly and having a cooling bath. I was able to pull his mane a little more and he scrubbed up quite well!

Tomorrow we will have a ride and see how he does out on the roads. I will try and get photos as well. I am a little concerned about the fencing - they are electric and we get the current to go through. Sam leans on fencing so I am a little worried that he might push through. I will have a chat to Sarah about it.

Sam's new home!

This morning I woke early (5am early) excited that today was the day that Sam goes to his new home. Of course it was way to early so I read my book and lay there until 7am. I got up and started sorting out my new tack shed - I have had to bring everything home so our little garden shed is the new feed/tack shed! I don't know how I am going to fit everything in!!!!!

Hubby got up, had some breakfast and off we went. Me yabbering at a hundred miles an hour - I always do that when I am excited and nervous! We get out to the paddock and Jayne isn't home so hubby checks the tyre pressures on the float and I then help line him up and hitch up the float. I go off to catch Sam. Of course he is in the back corner of the paddock but I called when I was half way to him and he started coming towards me so we met half way. I like that about Sam - he is nearly always happy to see you!

I clean his bum due to the sloppy poos, hubby had the float open and ready to go and so I lead Sam up to the float. I try not to stop, I try to keep the momentum going but he stopped once his had his two front hooves on the tail gate. I show him the food and up he goes!!! I know food is bad to use to get him on but sometimes it is just easier than having an argument! Hubby closed the float up and off we went. We went Jayne have way down the road so I will pop out tomorrow for a chat etc.

Sam is a great traveller and no problems on the way. We had to stop at the feed store to pick up a bale of hay and he whinnied the whole time which was a little embarrassing. We kept going and arrived safely at Sarah's. Sarah is away for another few weeks so her partner will be looking after Sam in the morning but he was out so it was very peaceful being able to put Sam in his new paddock - walk him around and then being able to sit under the shade of the big tree and watch him.

He was very well behaved. He introduced himself to the pony in the other paddock who will be his friend. He found his rolling spot. Sam loves to roll in sand - any sand anytime, anywhere but this is quite close to his gate so I hope he is careful. Had a roll both sides, another walk around the paddock and head down munching! No trotting, no whinnies, nothing. I should be very happy and grateful that he is so sensible when he is in new environments or asked to do new things but a trot at least would have been nice!

I will go back out this arvo and give him a bath and spend some times with him!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well tomorrow is the big day!!!!! Sam moves to his new home. Hubby and I went out this afternoon and picked up all my gear so tomorrow all we have left is Sam! I gave him brush and put his cream on - didn't get to spend too much time with him but his shoes were still on tight so he should be fine to go tomorrow!

I am very excited. I still have to buy some hay and other feed but I can do that tomorrow. I will give him Saturday to settle in and then if he is happy I will have a little ride on Sunday and give him a bath! He is really gross and dirty so I can't wait to make him beautiful again!

I will let you know how it all goes tomorrow night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This was a photo I took of Sam this afternoon. As you can see he really is in fat paddock condition! I can't wait to bring him back into work and start rugging him and making him look like a loved well kept pony again!

He still seemed a little depressed. He enjoyed his brush and even asked for cuddles!!!!!! He put his head on my chest and kept it there for a while so that was lovely. His shoes are staying on and hopefully they will last until we move.

I finally plucked up the courage to tell the lady who I agist with that Sam and I will be moving. It didn't go down very well. She laughed at me and walked away when I first told her which hurt and left me wondering what on earth was that all about. I put Sam back out in his paddock and when I came back to the car she came up and said that she would miss us etc. Hubby and I are going to go out on Friday afternoon before she comes home to collect all my stuff so on the Saturday it will be one trip only - to collect Sam!

Sarah - that is where he is going - is excited about it to which is lovely. It will be fun having someone to ride with as well. I think Sarah will motivate me to really get on and start working with Sam and his lack of education!

I am feeling very nervous about the move. I know it will be better for me but will Sam like it? He is going from a 15 acre paddock with two paddock mates to a 1/4 acre paddock with friends only over the fence. I hope he finds one that is willing to play because he does love to play!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sad Sam

I got to go out and see Sam after work this afternoon. Poor little Sam he seemed very depressed! At least the farrier had come out and got new shoes on him so he wasn't as sore. I bought him up to the stable area and gave him a really good brush but the poor boy has some diaherroa so it took some time to scrub dried poo off his bum and back legs.

He seemed to perk up a bit after his brush and cuddles! I really did miss him. I wormed him - he is so good. He holds his mouth shut really tight and then gives in! It is lovely having a horse that doesn't put up too much of a fight to be wormed!

I gave him an extra special feed which of course he loved! I think his shoes should last until next week so I will move him on Saturday. I am not looking forward to telling them that I am moving Sam but it really needs to be done. Horses arrived while I was away and took the paddock that I was promised so I really need to get him out of there.

I have decided to take his shoes off at the new place and try those horse boots when I ride. I have to do some more research first though.

I am going to try and make it out every afternoon this week. Just trying to keep his spirits up! I might even try to go for a ride before I move him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Home!!!!!!

I got home this afternoon after spending 6 days with my bestest friend in the world - Jodi!!!!!! A day of flying there and a day of flying back and 3 different plane rides on each day but it was so worth it! I love her little house in Ganmain and I am totally jealous! Ganmain is a wonderful little town and we chatted heaps and filled our days talking, reading, looking at cute little shops, buying old wares for our houses!

Jodi has two beautiful little kittens Sooty and Sweep. Both strays and now have a loving forever home! They are little rugrats! The games they play and who would have thought two innocent little kittens could make so much noise playing around the house!!!!! I must admit I did like it when they choose to sleep with me!

Six her little dog is as beautiful as ever and we had wonderful cuddles and kisses. She even got to come on the bed with me one morning!!!!

We got to go to a Cleveland Bay Stud and now I am really hooked! There are only 55 purebreds in Australia and I want to help the breed. I think I will have to start a Cleveland Bay bank account so I can start saving my money for one! They are beautiful! Massive but beautiful! The 2 stallions were very quiet and the young ones were extremely well behaved as well!

Scott got home last night so he went out to check Sam for me this morning. The farrier finally made it out on Thursday morning and Scott said one of his hooves broke away that much it looks really upright but he didn't look really lame which is good news. I will duck out after work tomorrow afternoon to see him and give him some love and cuddles!!!!! I will make my decision tomorrow arvo if I move Sam on Wednesday or wait till the weekend. I hope we can wait till the weekend - it will make things a little easier.

I am very excited about going to the new agistment place. I will get to see Sam every afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is going to be exciting!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The day has finally arrived!!!!!!

Today is finally the day! I am flying down to Wagga Wagga to see my bestest friend in the world!!!! We haven't seen each other for closer to 18 months!!!!! This little holiday has been planned for 2.5 months and nothing is going to stop us!!!!!

We are going to talk
to the Junee chocolate factory
to a Cleveland Bay Stud - I really can't wait for that one!
Shopping around Wagga
did I mention we are going to talk!!!!!!!! I am sure we will have sore throats by the end of my stay!

I do have to leave Super Sam behind and I will miss him terribly. I have made up all his feeds for while I am away. I have left money for that farrier, a list of all my contact details. I went out and saw him last night and brushed him and put cream on all his little scrapes, gave him a little dinner and lots of carrots!!!!!! I really don't think he cares that I am going away but thems are the brakes!!!! :)

ARRRGHHHH I just tried to book in on line for my flights and they are saying that I don't exist!!!!! I will have to get to the airport even earlier to fix the problem - I hate flying sometimes and this trip is going to take me 3 different flights!!!!! It will be worth it though!

I may not get to post to much during the week as I don't get home until Sunday so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will take heaps of photos from the Cleveland Bay Stud!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The story so far continued!

I didn't ride Sam too much when I first bought him. I would brush him a lot and we would go for long walks getting to know each other. It is also very warm here in Townsville during summer - too hot to ride comfortably! I had the equine tooth fairy out in January and she found a wolf tooth that had never erupted. That would explain the head shaking when being ridden! Out that came and she gave him a real work out. I think he felt a lot better because not only did the head shaking disappear but his head tilting while eating decreased as well!

2008 Sam and I played around with Level 1 Parelli and did a lot of trail riding. I believe it takes a good 6 - 12 months to get to know a horse. This year we will concentrate on his flat work and hopefully do one or twodressage competitions. Just prep and prelim. Nothing fancy!

Sam has bought back my confidence! I love riding again and I don't worry any where near as much as I used to. I am still not 100% but my confidence is getting bigger all the time! I had a fall off Sam last year. It really was a little embrassing because it was while Sam was walking! We both were in our own little dream worlds I think and Sam got big fright from something. I think one of the birds that nest in the ground must have flown up out of its nest and hit his belly! Sam jumped sideways which threw me off balance which upset him even more and he decided that he did know how to pigroot after all! I didn't last long and off I came! Sam stopped a little way from me and just stood there, wide eyed not quite knowing what to do. Luckily Jayne's husband was home and noticed Sam saddled out in the paddock and came to investigate. He picked me up and I limped back with Sam to the stable area. I checked him over and turned him out. I was pretty sore but decided that I was fine to drive home - bad idea!!!! About 10min into a 25min drive concussion started to set in. I finally arrived home - I don't know how but hubby came out - took one look at me and drove me to the hospital. I was very lucky to be treated straight away. I was ok it was just concussion after all but I ended up having about 2 weeks off all up due to head aches, dizziness and I did have another fall at work so off to hospital again! Hubby took me out to Sam about every third day which kept me sane!!!!

So I have already had some excitment with Sam and I believe it will continue just not in that way!!!!!! That is a really short version of our past year and a bit together. I am about to visit my bestest friend in the world down in NSW and I can't wait!!!!! When I come back I will be moving Sam to another agistment place and you will be inundated with posts!!!!!! We have big plans!!! Stay tuned to hear about all our ups and downs! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The story so far.......................

Hi everyone. You will have to be patient with me, I am new to this blogging thing. I have decided to keep a written record of my life with Sam or Super Sam as we quite often call him. Sam entered my life in October 2007 this was when I met him for the first time. I saw Sam advertised in HorseDeals a few months before and had rung up about him but he didn't sound like the type of horse I was after. (Sam was a Thoroughbred, green, chestnut, 9yo) Something about his photo stayed with me though and by October I decided to ring up and see if he was still available. He sure was and I made a time to go and see him.

I think I was a bit smitten when I first saw him in the paddock. He walked up to us to say hello and was very happy to be lead up to the stable area. Jayne the lady who owned him rode him first and then I got to have ride. Yes he was green but he was so comfortable to ride. He also tried hard. We didn't work him for long because he was very unfit but I was in love. I left Jayne and Sam and drove home to have a think about Sam and what I really wanted in a horse. My friend Sarah had come with me and video taped the ride so when I got home I was glued to the TV for the next hour watching the footage over and over again. I talked to my wonderful husband about him and rang my bestest friend Jodi and we discussed him for probably an hour.

Jayne was very patient with me and let me go out and see and ride Sam about 4 more times before I made my decision. The reason it took me so long was because earlier in the year I had bought a horse that ruined my confidence not only with riding but in my confidence of my knowledge if that makes sense. I organised a vet check and he failed miserably. The vet strongly advised me not to buy Sam. He was a 9 year old Thoroughbred that had done nothing in his life - never raced - and he failed the flexion test, x-rays showed degenerative joint disease and both stifles locked. He also had terrible hooves. This was a blow. I had decided to buy Sam and I just did the vet check out of habit. Hubby and I had to have a real heart to heart. I decided to go ahead and buy Sam knowing that he wouldn't have a long ridden life but there was just something about him.

On the 3rd November 2007 we handed over the money and Sam became my new pony. Jayne was very kind and let me keep Sam at her place. She has 80 acres, a large riding paddock, sand round yard, and a finally finished 40 x 20m dressage arena. So my adventures began!

I will write more tomorrow!!!!!!!!