Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Home!!!!!!

I got home this afternoon after spending 6 days with my bestest friend in the world - Jodi!!!!!! A day of flying there and a day of flying back and 3 different plane rides on each day but it was so worth it! I love her little house in Ganmain and I am totally jealous! Ganmain is a wonderful little town and we chatted heaps and filled our days talking, reading, looking at cute little shops, buying old wares for our houses!

Jodi has two beautiful little kittens Sooty and Sweep. Both strays and now have a loving forever home! They are little rugrats! The games they play and who would have thought two innocent little kittens could make so much noise playing around the house!!!!! I must admit I did like it when they choose to sleep with me!

Six her little dog is as beautiful as ever and we had wonderful cuddles and kisses. She even got to come on the bed with me one morning!!!!

We got to go to a Cleveland Bay Stud and now I am really hooked! There are only 55 purebreds in Australia and I want to help the breed. I think I will have to start a Cleveland Bay bank account so I can start saving my money for one! They are beautiful! Massive but beautiful! The 2 stallions were very quiet and the young ones were extremely well behaved as well!

Scott got home last night so he went out to check Sam for me this morning. The farrier finally made it out on Thursday morning and Scott said one of his hooves broke away that much it looks really upright but he didn't look really lame which is good news. I will duck out after work tomorrow afternoon to see him and give him some love and cuddles!!!!! I will make my decision tomorrow arvo if I move Sam on Wednesday or wait till the weekend. I hope we can wait till the weekend - it will make things a little easier.

I am very excited about going to the new agistment place. I will get to see Sam every afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is going to be exciting!

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