Monday, March 16, 2009

The story so far continued!

I didn't ride Sam too much when I first bought him. I would brush him a lot and we would go for long walks getting to know each other. It is also very warm here in Townsville during summer - too hot to ride comfortably! I had the equine tooth fairy out in January and she found a wolf tooth that had never erupted. That would explain the head shaking when being ridden! Out that came and she gave him a real work out. I think he felt a lot better because not only did the head shaking disappear but his head tilting while eating decreased as well!

2008 Sam and I played around with Level 1 Parelli and did a lot of trail riding. I believe it takes a good 6 - 12 months to get to know a horse. This year we will concentrate on his flat work and hopefully do one or twodressage competitions. Just prep and prelim. Nothing fancy!

Sam has bought back my confidence! I love riding again and I don't worry any where near as much as I used to. I am still not 100% but my confidence is getting bigger all the time! I had a fall off Sam last year. It really was a little embrassing because it was while Sam was walking! We both were in our own little dream worlds I think and Sam got big fright from something. I think one of the birds that nest in the ground must have flown up out of its nest and hit his belly! Sam jumped sideways which threw me off balance which upset him even more and he decided that he did know how to pigroot after all! I didn't last long and off I came! Sam stopped a little way from me and just stood there, wide eyed not quite knowing what to do. Luckily Jayne's husband was home and noticed Sam saddled out in the paddock and came to investigate. He picked me up and I limped back with Sam to the stable area. I checked him over and turned him out. I was pretty sore but decided that I was fine to drive home - bad idea!!!! About 10min into a 25min drive concussion started to set in. I finally arrived home - I don't know how but hubby came out - took one look at me and drove me to the hospital. I was very lucky to be treated straight away. I was ok it was just concussion after all but I ended up having about 2 weeks off all up due to head aches, dizziness and I did have another fall at work so off to hospital again! Hubby took me out to Sam about every third day which kept me sane!!!!

So I have already had some excitment with Sam and I believe it will continue just not in that way!!!!!! That is a really short version of our past year and a bit together. I am about to visit my bestest friend in the world down in NSW and I can't wait!!!!! When I come back I will be moving Sam to another agistment place and you will be inundated with posts!!!!!! We have big plans!!! Stay tuned to hear about all our ups and downs! :)

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