Sunday, March 29, 2009

We rode today!!!!!!!

Today was a big day! I didn't sleep too well last night, I kept expecting to get a phone call saying that Sam was out trotting down the road!!!! I checked my mobile a thousand times! I decided to put my own electric fence up around his paddock just as a precaution so I could sleep soundly again. Hubby and I went out about 9am and he was still there standing under his tree whinnying at the neighbours horses. I think he is lonely even though he has the pony in the paddock next to him. I think he is missing being in a herd situation. At least he isn't pacing around or walking the fence line (this would take effort on Sam's behalf and he really won't do anything that requires unnecessary effort or energy!)

He followed us around while we banged posts in and watched as we unravelled the electric tape. He is a good boy. It didn't take us long so I gave him a cuddle and a kiss and told him I would be back in the afternoon.

This afternoon I went back and he was happy grazing which I was happy to see. His poo's are firming up as well which is a good sign. Not sure if I mentioned before but I tried to introduce French White Millet into his diet and he got very sloppy poos from it and even when I stopped it two and a half weeks later he still had sloppy poos. I wormed him last week so maybe that has helped as well.

I bought him around to the stable area to tack up and was expecting him to carry on a bit with the other two horses as he keeps calling out to them but he was falling asleep as I brushed him and tacked him up. Sarah's mum arrived as I was getting ready and she told me which paddock could ride in. It is about 3/4 of an acre and reasonably flat. It is a good area. I was very nervous as I haven't ridden Sam really for about 3 months. I took my lunge rein just in case. I did some ground work and he seemed fine so I just hopped on. I worry a lot for no reason. Sam walked out nicely and we had a good look around the new riding area. He was happy to trot and we did a few circuits and changed the rein a few times. We practiced our voice transitions and really you wouldn't know that he has had so much time off.

Sam and I were doing so well I thought - lets practice with just his halter on. I put his halter back on and started walking around - this is when I started to get worried. You see the riding area backs onto the neighbours riding area. A young girl came out and jumped on one of her horses bareback. No problem until she put it in the round yard where it proceeded to buck and snort and charge around. I tensed expecting Sam to stop and turn and want to look and maybe carry on a bit himself. You would think I would know him well enough by now - Sam couldn't care less. He just kept walking around, happy to stop and watch if I wanted to otherwise happy to walk and trot around. He really is a wonderful horse! I love him soooooo much. He is very stiff to the left so I will do some research about exercises I can do.

We didn't canter as I didn't want to over do it being how unfit he is. So I am pumped and motivated and I will start a fitness program and look at some lessons. There is a dressage competition around April 25th and I might look at entering just a prep class -walk and trot. He has never competed and I haven't competed in years so we will take things slow!

Can I just say again how good Sam was today. It was wonderful! It will be good when Sarah gets back because she can show me where the trails are around her place. Sarah's mum is going to get the phone number for me of a gentleman who grows lucerne and wheaten hay. I need to find some 2nd grade lucerne or if he will eat wheaten hay that would be great. He has decided that he doesn't like Rhodes hay after all and is enjoying spreading it around and rolling in it!!!!

It is lovely being able to look after Sam myself. I enjoy cleaning his paddock and scrubbing his water trough. They even have a little table and chair under a tree near his paddock where I can sit and watch him.

I forgot my camera put I promise to take photos soon!!!!!!!! I am so glad I moved!

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