Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This was a photo I took of Sam this afternoon. As you can see he really is in fat paddock condition! I can't wait to bring him back into work and start rugging him and making him look like a loved well kept pony again!

He still seemed a little depressed. He enjoyed his brush and even asked for cuddles!!!!!! He put his head on my chest and kept it there for a while so that was lovely. His shoes are staying on and hopefully they will last until we move.

I finally plucked up the courage to tell the lady who I agist with that Sam and I will be moving. It didn't go down very well. She laughed at me and walked away when I first told her which hurt and left me wondering what on earth was that all about. I put Sam back out in his paddock and when I came back to the car she came up and said that she would miss us etc. Hubby and I are going to go out on Friday afternoon before she comes home to collect all my stuff so on the Saturday it will be one trip only - to collect Sam!

Sarah - that is where he is going - is excited about it to which is lovely. It will be fun having someone to ride with as well. I think Sarah will motivate me to really get on and start working with Sam and his lack of education!

I am feeling very nervous about the move. I know it will be better for me but will Sam like it? He is going from a 15 acre paddock with two paddock mates to a 1/4 acre paddock with friends only over the fence. I hope he finds one that is willing to play because he does love to play!

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