Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Sleeping Ponies

I looked out my kitchen window this morning and this is what I saw! Too cute!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was finally able to get a few photos of the little sheep. Aren't they cute!!!! I just love them! Yesterday morning I was calling Poppy and Sam to come and and get their breakfast and I heard the sheep starting to bleat. Concerned that something was upsetting them I went to investigate - nope they had all come down for their breakfast as well!

Raining here again this weekend so no riding for Sam and I. Weekend inside to catch up on paperwork, internet, DVD's! Have a good horsey weekend!

PS - Kate I hope Pie arrives safely!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New job, non horsey people and sheep!

I started a new job last week, hence the long absence once again. I have to figure out a new routine for the mornings and the afternoons, feeding, turn out times, riding - you know what it is like.

My farrier rang me yesterday to tell me he was going away for 10 days (how nice is that! He actually rang me to tell me I thought that was very nice.) My neighbour would like to try him as well and Sams front shoe nails are starting to raise and I don't think they would last another two weeks so we organised to take our horses into him for the day as he doesn't have the time to come out to us.

Nobody is horsey at my new employment place which is a little difficult but I'm used to it. I told my new boss today that I may be a little late in the morning. I am not planning on it but if things don't go to plan then I my be, the conversation went like this.......

Me: Mary, I may be a little late in the morning as I have to bring a horse into town.

Mary: What do you mean?

Me: I am bringing my horse in for day care.

Mary: There is a horse day care?

Me: Yep I bring him in once a week :) , no I am taking him to my farrier's place.

Mary: Farrier?

Me: He is getting new shoes.

Mary: Your horse gets shoes?!

Me: Yep he is going shoe shopping!

Mary: That's fine if your a little late. (With a very bewildered look on her face!)

I love non horsey people sometimes. They just don't get it. With rain and starting the new job Sam has been getting a bit of a holiday but now that I am getting a feel for my new times we should be able to start work again. I think he has been missing it. He has been looking a little depressed lately and is enjoying getting out when I have had the time.

We also got a herd of sheep today. Our neigbour has leant them to us to help eat out some of the weeds in the back paddock. Boy did Sam put on a show for us when we were trying to get them through the gate, prancing and rearing and kicking up his heels. Wish I had a chance to get a few photos for you. When he rears he goes straight up and stands there for a bit before coming back down - it is impressive but I am glad he doesn't do it when I am on board! When the sheep settle in I will get some photos for you. They are Dorset's - the white ones with black faces and legs - sooooo cute!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My US Friends!

OK guys I have a huge favour to ask you all. The Aussie dollar is very good at the moment with the American dollar and I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to buy of course much needed saddlery, rugs, anything else that Sam can't live without. So if you don't mind, could please let me know your favorite on line saddlery's so I can go shopping!!!!!!!

I know Dover saddlery Jeffers Equine and that is about it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sam's Birthday and an encounter with native wildlife

Yesterday was Sam's birthday - He is now 11 years old! I was a horrible mother and didn't do anything for his birthday! I took him to Pony Club instead! I was asked to instruct so I took the opportunity to take Sam out in company of others. He dealt with the atmosphere quite well. He waited in the yard while I instructed and then I saddled him up and decided to take him a little away from the others to lunge him first. He certainly gave us a lovely display of what a bronc should look like. I finally got him to calm down and concentrate on what he was doing.

I jumped aboard and we walked around taking it all in. I took him into the dressage arena and asked him to trot. He relaxed into it quickly so I felt comfortable enough to ask him for a canter. He happily canter around so i ended it there. We went for another walk around and called it quits. We loaded back up and headed for home.

Today I wanted to get him out of an arena and took him over into the reserve to do some fitness work. He really worked well, rounded nicely in the trot and pushed himself from behind. We did some big circles and figures of 8 on the side of the hill. Up into a canter and I got up off his back and he bowled along, really got his breathing in a regular rhythm. We were having a lovely canter, up to the top of the hill and there it was in front of us.......... a goanna! Thank goodness we have been working on our halts. Sam did a lovely halt from the canter. Back on his haunches and a little slide to it as well. We both stared at this huge creature as it turned and ran up the closest tree. I could feel Sam's heart pounding and I think mine was pounding just as hard! I was so proud of Sam not to panic or turn and bolt away.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to clean a tail?

I have been washing Sam's tail lately but just can't seem to get the grime and dirt out from the middle or on the dock. Anybody got any great tips or what they use? I use Amino Gloss and find it works well over his body. Easy to use, gets him clean, leaves him soft and smelling yummy and easy to wash out as it doesn't sud up too much.

Also something to really get into the base of his mane - so when I plait it, it doesn't look dirty.

My mum has moved closer to me so on the weekend we went over to see her new house. (Instead of being about 15hrs away she is now 3.5hrs away) She is living in a beautiful part of the world - the Southern Highlands. Very horsey, very English countryside, beautiful boutiques, I am very jealous! We found a new horse shop and I will defiantly be going back every time I visit mum! They import Rambo, Amigo horse rugs, Kentucky clothing - Most of our horse stores in Australia do not carry these brands, so this lady has decided to open a shop called Horsewerks and imports these wonderful clothes! I did buy Sam a German polar fleece rug. We will use it for travelling! (He had to have it as it was reduced by about 65%)