Monday, October 11, 2010

Sam's Birthday and an encounter with native wildlife

Yesterday was Sam's birthday - He is now 11 years old! I was a horrible mother and didn't do anything for his birthday! I took him to Pony Club instead! I was asked to instruct so I took the opportunity to take Sam out in company of others. He dealt with the atmosphere quite well. He waited in the yard while I instructed and then I saddled him up and decided to take him a little away from the others to lunge him first. He certainly gave us a lovely display of what a bronc should look like. I finally got him to calm down and concentrate on what he was doing.

I jumped aboard and we walked around taking it all in. I took him into the dressage arena and asked him to trot. He relaxed into it quickly so I felt comfortable enough to ask him for a canter. He happily canter around so i ended it there. We went for another walk around and called it quits. We loaded back up and headed for home.

Today I wanted to get him out of an arena and took him over into the reserve to do some fitness work. He really worked well, rounded nicely in the trot and pushed himself from behind. We did some big circles and figures of 8 on the side of the hill. Up into a canter and I got up off his back and he bowled along, really got his breathing in a regular rhythm. We were having a lovely canter, up to the top of the hill and there it was in front of us.......... a goanna! Thank goodness we have been working on our halts. Sam did a lovely halt from the canter. Back on his haunches and a little slide to it as well. We both stared at this huge creature as it turned and ran up the closest tree. I could feel Sam's heart pounding and I think mine was pounding just as hard! I was so proud of Sam not to panic or turn and bolt away.


Anonymous said...

None of those in these parts, thank heavens! Good for Sam for staying with you through all that! And a happy birthday to a lovely horse!

Marissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!! So glad I never ran into a goanna while I was in Australia... geckos and iguanas are ok, but goannas are WAY too big for my taste! I'm happpy to hear that Sam is being such a good boy though :)