Thursday, October 14, 2010

My US Friends!

OK guys I have a huge favour to ask you all. The Aussie dollar is very good at the moment with the American dollar and I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to buy of course much needed saddlery, rugs, anything else that Sam can't live without. So if you don't mind, could please let me know your favorite on line saddlery's so I can go shopping!!!!!!!

I know Dover saddlery Jeffers Equine and that is about it.


Anonymous said...

Valley Vet is good for lots of things like supplies, supplements, vet stuff and some basic equipment, although for some of those the shipping might outweigh the exchange rate advantage.

Frizzle said... -- LOVE them!! And they have a flat shipping rate of $7.95 (although I'm not sure if that applies to international orders).
Schneiders is also pretty good --

Marissa said...

Smartpak is awesome... their line of Smartpak blankets is so nice, I love the placement of the shoulder gusset and the overall cut of them. When Tucker's blankets fall apart that's where I'm headed. I have a free shipping code for them too but it expires Friday, email me ( and I'll give it to you (not sure if it applies internationally, but worth a shot).

Dover Saddlery ( is also having a big sale right now though, so you might want to check them out too. They have some rambos on sale, lots of apparel and various supplies, etc.

There's also, which has some great deals. Some of the non-name-brand stuff isn't the best quality, but if it's a brand you recognize, you can get great deals there.

Happy shopping!!!

eventer79 said...

I second SmartPak and Horseloverz, you'll get the most bang for your buck juggling those two!

Foxrider said...

Adams' Horse Supplies is also fantastic! Nice people who are willing to order about anything :)