Sunday, November 20, 2011

And it has started!

On Friday afternoon at 4.30pm I recieved a phone stating that my arena was being started in the morning! Machinary would be dropped off that afternoon!

I couldn't think straight, I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't BREATH! OMG IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!! I WAS GETTING AN ARENA!

When I got home the machinery was arriving, a roller, a bobcat and the water truck. The large tractor with the leveller would come the following morning. We ran through again what I was after and we measured things out.

So without further ado I would like to present the Nina Arena!!!!!!
This what we started with
The leveller at work

A closer look at the laser level machine
This is the leveller, in the bucket it can hold upto 20 tonne of dirt! The yellow thing on top is part of the laser system. It talks to another thing that they have set up and when they drive around this machine goes up and down to help get it level.
The bobcat hard at work. The bobcat was used as the area was such a small area for the leveller to work in.
The water truck did his part as well!
I then got test out the pad before they rolled it. Had to make sure I has happy with the level.
Then the roller flattened out the pad
The gravel was next, we missed photos of this part but once it was laid and rolled this is what it looked like!
So this is what stage we are up to, the pad done and rolled, the base done and rolled, the rest of the sand will be delivered and spread out on Monday. A neighbour has also offered us telegragh poles so hopefully I will be able to pick them up soon!
Just thought I would show you some footage of the leveller at work!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Best lesson ever!

I had a lesson yesterday and it was the best ever I think!

Sam and I have been really practising about being forward and active and it certainly has paid off.

I got there nice and early and Sam and I watched the last 20min of the lesson before us. Boy did she get a work out! Once I had the headset fitted to me I mounted and started straight away by walking around the entire arena. Sam is a little spooky at this place so this time I thought I would take the initiative and show him around, we haven't been there for about 3 months either. He had a few looks at the arena letters and a blue marker but other then that he was good to go. We picked up a trot and I pushed him out so that he was active. His frame was low and round but his nose was still sticking out. We didn't mind while we were warming up.

Then I was asked for some shoulder in. We had attempted this in our last lesson, a first for both of us. I hadn't tried this at home at I was still unsure about trying it alone. You know what, we did ok. Changed the rein and it was even better. Wahoo! Now don't get me wrong it certainly wasn't competition level shoulder in but for the second attempts ever I was pretty happy and so was my instructor.

Walk break before we moved onto the canter. First transition was good, he was a little stiff but we eventually had him listening and using his hind quarters better, then I got to try leg yield at the canter. I was whooping out loud I was so excited. Down the quarter line, straight then asking him to move over, straighten the shoulders and ask again! We were so good the lady who owns the place where we have our lessons came out to watch! This lady doesn't get excited about much was happy for us! Round and round the arena we went at the canter, rhythmical and forward and active!

Change the rein, this rein isn't very good and still needs a lot of work but he tried hard! The transition was pretty good for this rein. No leg yielding on this rein, we worked more on his falling out through his shoulder. Another walk break.

This time when we moved up into the trot we got to start on the beginnings of extensions! First two across the diagonals Sam just didn't get it. We were kicking every stride to ask him to activate his hind quarters a little more. He tried throwing his head, he tried pulling me out of the saddle and then on the 3rd go half way across he broke into canter. Yay, we were actually happy with this because he went somewhere! Next diagonal I felt his back come up a bit more, he stretched down a bit and I felt some power from back there! He gave me this 3 times. We left it there.

Yep I have a pretty smart clever pony! What was great as well is that his fitness has really increased so he recovered quickly after the lesson. It was hot, 30 degrees. I hosed him down quickly, offered tepid water (didn't drink) and let him have a pick of some green grass. Once he was dry and seemed content we loaded up and headed home.

I couldn't be happier. He held a decent frame for the whole lesson, yep he tipped onto the forehand, yep he came above the bit at times but you know what he worked well for him. Hell I rode well. I wish I had it filmed but never time!

Monday, November 7, 2011

In the bad books.........

Oh dear I was in the bad books with little Poppy Poppin tonight. My wonderful other half is away this week on a Charity motorbike ride so it is up to me to hold down the fort. I had a dressage club meeting after work tonight which meant I didn't get home until 10.30pm. Little Poppy generally greats me with a lot of low nickering - due to being starving of course!

So when I got home tonight I was expecting a lot of loud nickering when I got out of the car. (Where I park my car looks straight into the large yard that Poppy is kept in.) No Poppy, no nickering. I went round to turn to the light on and still no nickering. Poppy had come to the gate and just stood and stared at me. I felt soooooo bad! I made up her dinner and fed her first, still no nickering, no nuzzle of my hair that I usually get when mixing up her feed. She just stood and watched me and then followed me into her night time yard.

Yep I think I am really in the bad books! I did give her a good scratch and cuddle and kiss before I fed the Super Sam.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


OMG I think I am getting an arena! I mean one that is laser leveled, has a road base base and sand on top!

We had a gentleman out to give us a quote on our septic system, we need a new pit dug. I was talking to him about where they were going to put all the dirt. We chatted about an arena and the specs that I was after. He said that he had access to a machine with a laser level bucket on it and it was actually in my little town at the moment. Leave it with him and he would figure out a quote. 4 hours later he was on the phone and we were agreeing to an arena!!!!!

I think it will end up being about 48m x 22m. I am more than happy with that! Also it will be done in a day! The only thing we have to do to it is spread the sand. No problems, neighbours tractor and bucket will be able to do that for us. That has saved us a bit too.

This morning we got up at 6am to remove the fence from the front of our property so they have access. We had to move our sawdust from one side of the driveway to other and I had mulched part of an area where the arena will now go so we moved that over to the other side as well. I have a bit of other temporary fencing to do but otherwise it is all ready to go! I find out tomorrow what day it is all happening!!!!!!


This means that my "new horse fund" had dropped by at least half but hopefully Sam will cope a little longer now having a better surface to ride on. He works a lot sounder in my lessons when I am on a sand surface. Photos will be coming for sure!