Monday, November 7, 2011

In the bad books.........

Oh dear I was in the bad books with little Poppy Poppin tonight. My wonderful other half is away this week on a Charity motorbike ride so it is up to me to hold down the fort. I had a dressage club meeting after work tonight which meant I didn't get home until 10.30pm. Little Poppy generally greats me with a lot of low nickering - due to being starving of course!

So when I got home tonight I was expecting a lot of loud nickering when I got out of the car. (Where I park my car looks straight into the large yard that Poppy is kept in.) No Poppy, no nickering. I went round to turn to the light on and still no nickering. Poppy had come to the gate and just stood and stared at me. I felt soooooo bad! I made up her dinner and fed her first, still no nickering, no nuzzle of my hair that I usually get when mixing up her feed. She just stood and watched me and then followed me into her night time yard.

Yep I think I am really in the bad books! I did give her a good scratch and cuddle and kiss before I fed the Super Sam.

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