Sunday, November 20, 2011

And it has started!

On Friday afternoon at 4.30pm I recieved a phone stating that my arena was being started in the morning! Machinary would be dropped off that afternoon!

I couldn't think straight, I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't BREATH! OMG IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!! I WAS GETTING AN ARENA!

When I got home the machinery was arriving, a roller, a bobcat and the water truck. The large tractor with the leveller would come the following morning. We ran through again what I was after and we measured things out.

So without further ado I would like to present the Nina Arena!!!!!!
This what we started with
The leveller at work

A closer look at the laser level machine
This is the leveller, in the bucket it can hold upto 20 tonne of dirt! The yellow thing on top is part of the laser system. It talks to another thing that they have set up and when they drive around this machine goes up and down to help get it level.
The bobcat hard at work. The bobcat was used as the area was such a small area for the leveller to work in.
The water truck did his part as well!
I then got test out the pad before they rolled it. Had to make sure I has happy with the level.
Then the roller flattened out the pad
The gravel was next, we missed photos of this part but once it was laid and rolled this is what it looked like!
So this is what stage we are up to, the pad done and rolled, the base done and rolled, the rest of the sand will be delivered and spread out on Monday. A neighbour has also offered us telegragh poles so hopefully I will be able to pick them up soon!
Just thought I would show you some footage of the leveller at work!


Shannon said...

So exciting! It looks beautiful!

We did the base of our arena ourselves with our little tractor, so that wasn't very exciting at all. Just tiring and time consuming! I wish I'd had all sorts of big machines there! But I remember how exciting it was when the big dump trucks came with the sand for the footing: it was like all the Christmasses I ever had all at once!!!! And the satisfaction of having my own arena: Priceless!


Ruffles said...

wooohooo!! It is going to look so awesome. How exciting. :)

Amy said...

How amazing!! I can only imagine how excited you are!