Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nina's Arena!

Yep Nina's Arena is all finished and fantastic to ride on!!!!! Not sure if Sam is that thrilled with having his own arena - he actually has to work now! Friday night I felt like riding about 9pm so yep I did! I've got lights and an arena so why can't I ride whenever it tickles my fancy!!!! Mind you it was finally a bit cooler then too!

Little Poppy had a bath the other day she went from this -
To this!


Marissa said...

Congrats on the arena! It looks GREAT! So jealous, I would love to be able to hop on and ride anytime I felt like it. Ah, someday. And I LOVE that tiny little pony fly sheet! So cute!

Ruffles said...

The arena is awesome. I'm insanely jealous. :P
Poppy looks adorable :)

Nina said...

Thanks guys - Poppy is bootiful and she gets cuddles everyday!!!!!

samihob said...
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