Friday, January 29, 2010

Found a new suspension point!

I have found a new suspension point! I have been working on my position a lot lately. For the last few rides I have been feeling a difference in not only my balance but something new. My ankles are now working as suspension points!!!!! In walk and trot. Canter I am still working on and I still need to work on really relaxing my legs in canter but I think this is a great step forward.

I would love to have an independent seat. I have a long way to go but we are taking steps forward. I think Sam is feeling the difference as well. He is staying more rhythmical. I don't know if this is helping him in a way for when unbalanced, unconfident people ride him. There are two ladies out at the paddock who have been riding him occasionally (with me there of course) and in trot he goes back to a walk when they are unbalanced. I love it, they don't! I also don't let them ride him in a bridle only in a halter. I don't want them hanging onto his mouth for balance.

Last night I went out to have a play and a ride. I haven't worked Sam for nearly two weeks and he has been having lucerne hay and oaten hay so I was expecting a very forward boy. He did have more energy but (once again and I should know this by now) Sam kept it contained. We started with ground work and then I rode in the round yard with only his halter. What was really cool is that I opened the round yard gate while still mounted and then positioned Sam so he had to back out between the gate. I have only tried this twice before and those times it took him a while to stay confidant and give it a go. Last night it didn't take long at all. Probably three goes!!!!! We then went for a walk down to the riding paddock and we walked around. All this in his halter only! We haven't ridden out there in only his halter before.

Don't we do crazy things when we haven't worked them much. Sam was forward but happy to go where I asked. I think he enjoyed getting out and about. It was great to ride again. I don't know how I will cope when he goes on his holiday! He was meant to go this afternoon but his dentist is coming down from Townsville on Monday to see him so Scott and I will take him out on Tuesday afternoon after work.

Have a happy horsey day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adam Ant has a Home

It was a sad but happy day today. Adam Ant left on the truck for a new home. To find out more about Adam Ant you can read my old post about him. He was such a good boy about it all. I really haven't done too much work with him since I had been asked to find him a home. I would go to his paddock and catch him, take him out and give him a brush, a cuddle and a small feed. He really is a love sponge. Every time I would put him back he would stand at the gate and watch me walk back down the lane way.

Anyway he was meant to go last Tuesday but the truck broke down so Adam Ant spent the day in the yards. That was a big thing for him. He was quite upset when I first put him in, pacing back and forth, calling out but he soon calmed down and walked quietly back to the paddock for me. This morning I bought him up to the yards and once again he was quite upset but calmed down quicker this time.

I was concerned about how he would cope with the truck and loading. Sometimes I think us humans worry more than the ponies! The truck arrived and before I could get myself together the gentleman had caught Adam Ant and had him at the ramp. Adam stood still and refused to budge. I stood behind him and told him to walk on and up the ramp he went. It was all over within 5min. I am talking about from when the truck arrived, parked, loaded and left. I didn't even get to say a good, Good Bye to Adam Ant. I did have a little cry when the truck left. Even though I didn't have a great deal to do with him I really liked the big guy!

He has gone to an awesome place, Kalimbah Standardbreds. Pieta takes in Standardbreds, trains them and then finds them new homes. She is going to get his teeth done, hooves trimmed and have him checked by a chiropractor before she starts him. She already has a few people interested in him because of his size. He is a good weight bearing size, thick bone. We will probably go and see him during his training and see how he is progressing. I think my other half really likes him and might be interested. We will see.

Bye Adam Ant and thanks for being you!!!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Float Loading Practice

Today we practiced loading Sam onto the float. We haven't done it in a while and because he is going on holidays in a week we thought we should practice before the big day. He was good. Walked straight on but wouldn't stay on. He would walk up, stand and then start backing out and of course if I put any pressure on his head up it would go and his ears would touch the roof.

I used the dressage whip to lightly tap his rump to try and get him to go forward. I would intensify this once his head was clear of the roof line. He did well about re loading and each time he would stay on just that little bit longer. Once we had him standing quietly I got Scott to close up the back and we went for a drive.

This was the first actual drive since he arrived back in September. We noticed he made sure his rump was not pressing on the back bar. I am guessing this was because of what happened on his truck ride down here.

He travelled well but I didn't like his exit. He didn't blot off but certainly backed off a lot quicker than I liked. That's ok we can work on that. He is at least loading and happy to travel. We will practice again on Tuesday as it is a public holiday.

Happy Ponies!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Static Electricty

Poor little Sam. I don't think it is his poll I think it is the static electricity in his bib when I take it off! I checked him this morning and he was happy for me to push, poke and prod his poll, his ears, his forehead.

This afternoon before I took his rug off he let me poke, prod, push all over his head. I took his cotton combo off and the static in it was awesome! I then went to take his bib off and he went flat chat backwards. I think the static around his head hurts and probably scares him. The wind we have been having is the cause. Poor little boy!

I haven't ridden him properly since Saturday so I was a little apprehensive about how he would be this afternoon with the wind and lack of work. Once again my wonderful horse shined through! I mounted up and walked straight out to the large riding paddock as the round yard was in use. The wind was blowing but even though he was looking he never shied. Once we were through the gully I pushed him into a trot. He was rushing, I slowed my rising and he came back to me and that is where he stayed. We had a short canter that was, slow and controlled. We were only out for about 20min but it was a wonderful relaxing ride to remind me of what a wonderful horse I have!!!!!!!!

Happy Trails!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Year and quick over view of it so far!

Wow this year is already flying by!!!!!!!!

Sam is doing well - we both are. Sam has been helping a lady regain a bit of her confidence and balance (he has decided to slow to a walk or even halt when she looses her balance at trot!)

Out training has been off and on. The heat has been getting to both of us so some days we can work and others we just walk.

I have found a holiday place for him. I think he needs about a 6 week break - not from work but just the daily routine. I have found an Arab Stud about 25min away that will take him for a break. He will be running with 3 other Arab yearling colts. I think he will have a wonderful time galloping around, playing, eating, sleeping. I don't want him being touched or played with by humans. Tracey the lady that owns the place understands what I am after. Somewhere he will be safe, someone to keep an eye on him, but somewhere he can be a horse. I will still travel out every weekend to see him ( I will miss him!) I am sure he will have so much fun he won't want to come home!

Bad News - I went out to feed Sam this afternoon and I think he has really put his poll out. He let me halter him but when I took his bib off he was really upset with it over his ears - this is very unusal. I wondered if it was satic as it has been extrememly windy here for the past two days but when I got it off he didn't want me anywhere near his ears or just behind them. After a bit he let me lightly place my hand there. The muscles on his forehead seem really tight and he won't let me really touch there either. I will see what he is like in the morning but I have the number of a chiropractor that I will try in the morning. CoCo our normal chiro is away for awhile. I am sure he will be fine. His appetite certainly hasn't disappeared!

I have decided to actively look for a school master. I would love to learn how to jump and event. I work with a girl who events and mixes constantly with our Aussie Olympians so she will keep an ear out for me with them and at competitions. My order to her was
# Quiet
# Calm
# Educated on the flat and over jumps
# Quiet at competitions

I am not too fussed about the age. I know of a few 20 year olds still out there competing successfully so I am happy with an older horse who is in full work. I am also happy to lease, just for the experience and learning aspect.

Sam won't be going anywhere. He will be with us for ever but I struggle with green horses and he is still green.

Have a wonderful horsey day!