Friday, January 29, 2010

Found a new suspension point!

I have found a new suspension point! I have been working on my position a lot lately. For the last few rides I have been feeling a difference in not only my balance but something new. My ankles are now working as suspension points!!!!! In walk and trot. Canter I am still working on and I still need to work on really relaxing my legs in canter but I think this is a great step forward.

I would love to have an independent seat. I have a long way to go but we are taking steps forward. I think Sam is feeling the difference as well. He is staying more rhythmical. I don't know if this is helping him in a way for when unbalanced, unconfident people ride him. There are two ladies out at the paddock who have been riding him occasionally (with me there of course) and in trot he goes back to a walk when they are unbalanced. I love it, they don't! I also don't let them ride him in a bridle only in a halter. I don't want them hanging onto his mouth for balance.

Last night I went out to have a play and a ride. I haven't worked Sam for nearly two weeks and he has been having lucerne hay and oaten hay so I was expecting a very forward boy. He did have more energy but (once again and I should know this by now) Sam kept it contained. We started with ground work and then I rode in the round yard with only his halter. What was really cool is that I opened the round yard gate while still mounted and then positioned Sam so he had to back out between the gate. I have only tried this twice before and those times it took him a while to stay confidant and give it a go. Last night it didn't take long at all. Probably three goes!!!!! We then went for a walk down to the riding paddock and we walked around. All this in his halter only! We haven't ridden out there in only his halter before.

Don't we do crazy things when we haven't worked them much. Sam was forward but happy to go where I asked. I think he enjoyed getting out and about. It was great to ride again. I don't know how I will cope when he goes on his holiday! He was meant to go this afternoon but his dentist is coming down from Townsville on Monday to see him so Scott and I will take him out on Tuesday afternoon after work.

Have a happy horsey day!

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Anonymous said...

How nice that you can ride him in just a halter - he is a very good boy - but then you know that already!