Friday, January 22, 2010

Float Loading Practice

Today we practiced loading Sam onto the float. We haven't done it in a while and because he is going on holidays in a week we thought we should practice before the big day. He was good. Walked straight on but wouldn't stay on. He would walk up, stand and then start backing out and of course if I put any pressure on his head up it would go and his ears would touch the roof.

I used the dressage whip to lightly tap his rump to try and get him to go forward. I would intensify this once his head was clear of the roof line. He did well about re loading and each time he would stay on just that little bit longer. Once we had him standing quietly I got Scott to close up the back and we went for a drive.

This was the first actual drive since he arrived back in September. We noticed he made sure his rump was not pressing on the back bar. I am guessing this was because of what happened on his truck ride down here.

He travelled well but I didn't like his exit. He didn't blot off but certainly backed off a lot quicker than I liked. That's ok we can work on that. He is at least loading and happy to travel. We will practice again on Tuesday as it is a public holiday.

Happy Ponies!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good work!

Shannon said...

Not bad for not having been on the trailer since September! I'm sure with a few more sessions he'll be loading and unloading like a champ.

SprinklerBandit said...

Good thinking to start working with him now. I'm sure it will be good for him and you in the long run.