Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Year and quick over view of it so far!

Wow this year is already flying by!!!!!!!!

Sam is doing well - we both are. Sam has been helping a lady regain a bit of her confidence and balance (he has decided to slow to a walk or even halt when she looses her balance at trot!)

Out training has been off and on. The heat has been getting to both of us so some days we can work and others we just walk.

I have found a holiday place for him. I think he needs about a 6 week break - not from work but just the daily routine. I have found an Arab Stud about 25min away that will take him for a break. He will be running with 3 other Arab yearling colts. I think he will have a wonderful time galloping around, playing, eating, sleeping. I don't want him being touched or played with by humans. Tracey the lady that owns the place understands what I am after. Somewhere he will be safe, someone to keep an eye on him, but somewhere he can be a horse. I will still travel out every weekend to see him ( I will miss him!) I am sure he will have so much fun he won't want to come home!

Bad News - I went out to feed Sam this afternoon and I think he has really put his poll out. He let me halter him but when I took his bib off he was really upset with it over his ears - this is very unusal. I wondered if it was satic as it has been extrememly windy here for the past two days but when I got it off he didn't want me anywhere near his ears or just behind them. After a bit he let me lightly place my hand there. The muscles on his forehead seem really tight and he won't let me really touch there either. I will see what he is like in the morning but I have the number of a chiropractor that I will try in the morning. CoCo our normal chiro is away for awhile. I am sure he will be fine. His appetite certainly hasn't disappeared!

I have decided to actively look for a school master. I would love to learn how to jump and event. I work with a girl who events and mixes constantly with our Aussie Olympians so she will keep an ear out for me with them and at competitions. My order to her was
# Quiet
# Calm
# Educated on the flat and over jumps
# Quiet at competitions

I am not too fussed about the age. I know of a few 20 year olds still out there competing successfully so I am happy with an older horse who is in full work. I am also happy to lease, just for the experience and learning aspect.

Sam won't be going anywhere. He will be with us for ever but I struggle with green horses and he is still green.

Have a wonderful horsey day!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are well - hope you get Sam's head problem solved, and good luck with finding a schoolmaster - I'm a big fan of older, trainer horses.