Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adam Ant has a Home

It was a sad but happy day today. Adam Ant left on the truck for a new home. To find out more about Adam Ant you can read my old post about him. He was such a good boy about it all. I really haven't done too much work with him since I had been asked to find him a home. I would go to his paddock and catch him, take him out and give him a brush, a cuddle and a small feed. He really is a love sponge. Every time I would put him back he would stand at the gate and watch me walk back down the lane way.

Anyway he was meant to go last Tuesday but the truck broke down so Adam Ant spent the day in the yards. That was a big thing for him. He was quite upset when I first put him in, pacing back and forth, calling out but he soon calmed down and walked quietly back to the paddock for me. This morning I bought him up to the yards and once again he was quite upset but calmed down quicker this time.

I was concerned about how he would cope with the truck and loading. Sometimes I think us humans worry more than the ponies! The truck arrived and before I could get myself together the gentleman had caught Adam Ant and had him at the ramp. Adam stood still and refused to budge. I stood behind him and told him to walk on and up the ramp he went. It was all over within 5min. I am talking about from when the truck arrived, parked, loaded and left. I didn't even get to say a good, Good Bye to Adam Ant. I did have a little cry when the truck left. Even though I didn't have a great deal to do with him I really liked the big guy!

He has gone to an awesome place, Kalimbah Standardbreds. Pieta takes in Standardbreds, trains them and then finds them new homes. She is going to get his teeth done, hooves trimmed and have him checked by a chiropractor before she starts him. She already has a few people interested in him because of his size. He is a good weight bearing size, thick bone. We will probably go and see him during his training and see how he is progressing. I think my other half really likes him and might be interested. We will see.

Bye Adam Ant and thanks for being you!!!!!!!

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SprinklerBandit said...

I'm glad it worked out well for him. What a trooper.