Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Static Electricty

Poor little Sam. I don't think it is his poll I think it is the static electricity in his bib when I take it off! I checked him this morning and he was happy for me to push, poke and prod his poll, his ears, his forehead.

This afternoon before I took his rug off he let me poke, prod, push all over his head. I took his cotton combo off and the static in it was awesome! I then went to take his bib off and he went flat chat backwards. I think the static around his head hurts and probably scares him. The wind we have been having is the cause. Poor little boy!

I haven't ridden him properly since Saturday so I was a little apprehensive about how he would be this afternoon with the wind and lack of work. Once again my wonderful horse shined through! I mounted up and walked straight out to the large riding paddock as the round yard was in use. The wind was blowing but even though he was looking he never shied. Once we were through the gully I pushed him into a trot. He was rushing, I slowed my rising and he came back to me and that is where he stayed. We had a short canter that was, slow and controlled. We were only out for about 20min but it was a wonderful relaxing ride to remind me of what a wonderful horse I have!!!!!!!!

Happy Trails!

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Anonymous said...

Sam is amazing! Static electricity is really painful - no wonder he was upset and glad you figured it out. It's a problem for us in the winter when humidities are low.