Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fourwinds Nicholsan Video Clip

Here is a short clip of me riding Nic. Please keep in mind when you are watching it this is the first time I have seen/ridden this horse. It jumps because I have had to shorten it from 30min. I also left in the part where I pulled him away from a fence so you can see what he does.

I have decided to go back and see him in about two weeks for another ride and vet check. I have been ringing up about a lot of horses lately and nothing is grabbing me going - I have to see this horse! My mind keeps going back to Nic, which I think is a good sign.

Following is a utube clip if you are interested. The girl riding him is one of the working pupils who has been competing him lately.

Once again I call upon your feed back if you feel like giving it!!!!!

I know this doesn't count but I love his face and eye, it just seems so kind!!!!! He also turns his head when hosing him down so you can do the other side.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you!

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your input! It is just what I needed to hear. This is one of the reasons I love blogging - other peoples thoughts, and inputs. I won't go and look at him. As all of you pointed out he is green in his jumping (and other aspects) and no if I am truley honest with myself that is not what I want. I have decided to have another look at Nic the grey School master and have him vet checked. I won't be able to get back up to him for about 2-3 weeks but that shouldn't be a problem.

I have video of him that I am trying to cut down so I can post it on here for you all to see.

Once again a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted on my thoughts and ponies!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feed Back Please!

Hi Guys! I am still thinking about Nic (the big grey) but I was thinking about having a look at this little fellow - Carrot Man, following is his ad

“Carrot Man” is a 16hh, 6 year old, chestnut TB gelding. He has a very gentle temperament, loves attention and is super easy to handle. Well schooled on the flat scoring 60% on his first dressage test. Lateral work commenced with leg yield, shoulder in and flying changes. Nice paces with soft snaffle mouth. Competing introductory eventing and showjumping to 90cm with very scopey jump showing excellent potential. He is bold and neat xc, fine over ditches, apexes, arrowheads, banks. Highly regarded during lessons with Jamie Coman, Murray Lambert & Blyth Tait Also done mustering, trail riding, polocrosse. Super quiet, can double dink, ride bareback in halter, crack stockwhip off, lead other horses off. Easy to shoe, catch, wash, float etc. Will make a great all rounder"

I rang up about him and he sounds like a lovely sweet boy. Green though - still falls out through his shoulder on the corners at times. Will give anything a go though.

These are two short videos that the owner sent me. What do you guys think? I really don't know a lot about jumping but is he coming in very close to the jumps? It is just that he is located 5 hours away so I am trying to figure out if it is worth the drive. Pros and Cons without seeing him compared to Nic the school master -
Pros - #a lot younger so possibly sounder
# smaller in height (Nic is 17hh)

Cons -#education level is not there
#they are asking for more money than Nic

Sorry I couldn't really think of any due to not seeing him yet. I think it is his education level that is making me think twice. I am no good at 'training' I don't feel that I can educate a horse further if that makes sense. So do I find the school master to learn on, I already have a green quiet horse - though not as educated as this guy.


PS I LOVE HIS NAME!!!!!!! I know that it not a reason to buy a horse but I think it is really cute!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking at horses

I started the process this weekend of looking at horses for sale. Sam is fine but I have decided that I would like a schoolmaster.
#Competed Elementry dressage
#Competed Pre Novice Eventing
#Competed 110cm showjumping
#Very Quiet at competitions and at home
#Point at a jump and know that it will jump it.
#15.3hh plus
#Any colour, breed, gelding or mare
#Snaffle mouth

Scott and I started our journey at 7am Saturday morning. We drove 7 hours to see two horses. The first horse was Laura. Warmblood/Thoroughbred 16.1hh 12yo mare who we were told all the kids love to ride. She was at a Performance Horse Stables. Competed in dressage, showjumping, eventing, hacking. Has placed quite a few times. Was informed that she was in good condition, quiet to ride but forward moving.

What a sight we saw when we got there. No top line, dirty, greasy coat, dull eye. We were told the owners have moved to England and she came with her own rugs, bridle, boots, folder for new owner. In the folder was a beautiful photo of what she used to look like. (She has been at these stables for at least 3 months now) The owner loves her greatly and spoilt her. Once she was saddled she stood quietly and waited. A young girl at the stables was riding her for us. Once Laura was asked to walk out she brightened up and focused on her surrounds. Then the jabbing started. Outside rein , inside rein, outside rein, inside rein. It was very hard to watch. She was walked, trotted and cantered. Then she was popped over a few jumps around the 90cm mark. She seemed to really enjoy the jumping. Next was my turn.

She stood rock solid for me to mount and didn't move until asked to walk on. The walk was very forward, purposeful, solid. Nose up in the air. She would listen to my seat to stop which was nice. I rode with a light contact and asked her to trot. Yep I was scared no doubts about it. Her trot was like her walk, forward, purposeful. She still listened to my seat to come back to a walk. Up into the trot and if I took a contact the nose would go even higher, leg on - stop! Back to the trot, jabbed with the outside rein and the head came down briefly. No wonder the girl was constantly jabbing this mare in the mouth. Any leg means STOP!!!!!! I did not feel comfortable enough to canter her so I cooled her down at the walk and jumped off.

I thanked them for their time, explained that she was too forward for me and that I am sure they would find a wonderful home for her. The people were very arrogant, rude and were very concerned that I would tell everyone that they told me the truth. Poor Scott left very angry at the way they spoke to us and treated us.

I hope Laura does find a wonderful home with a young pony club girl who will shower her with smooches as I think she misses that!!!! I hope someone can see through the grime, lack of muscle, poor condition and they will find a little star.

Next we moved onto Fourwinds Nicholson. He is a New Zealand bred Thoroughbred gelding. 17hh, 16yo grey gelding. Schoolmaster material!!! He has evented up to 3 star level and is used for people to learn how to jump on. I was able to find results for the last 11 years. Courtney was lovely, very honest and understanding. She rode him first at walk, trot and canter. I then jumped aboard. She hds a flat seat jumping saddle on him and I found this difficult to ride in. He also was being ridden in an American Gag. Similar to the picture below but it was only sweet iron on the mouth piece and had copper inlays on the mouth piece.
I would have preferred to ride him in a snaffle but because we were jumping him Courtney said that he can get a bit strong jumping in a snaffle. Once aboard I felt very comfortable and safe. We walked, trotted and cantered around. His canter is to die for, very smooth! I then popped him over a few 40cm jumps. He was happy to trot into them, didn't rush and was happy to come back to a walk after them! We then pushed him into a canter to canter over them. That was much more comfortable but I did notice that after the jump he did get a little strong. I asked if I could jump a different one, it was only slightly higher and I had to come in on an angle, straighten quickly and then jump. First time I came in I got scared because I didn't feel that I had him lined up to the middle so I turned him away. If horses could talk I am sure he would have said something along the lines of - "Just leave it to me!!! I had it all under control!" We came around again and this time I left it to him and he sorted us out, cantered over and came round to jump another one!

I changed the rein and asked him to canter left. I must have mixed signals as he picked up canter right. I asked him to trot and his canter became slower and slower and slower! I made the contact even lighter and sat deep. He came back to a walk and we walked on a loose rein. Courtney said that is what he does when he gets tense. I asked again for trot and then canter. This time I noticed just how stiff he was to the left. Other than that he was beautiful! Condition pretty good, I would like a little more top line, legs were covered in big scabs, he was dirty and had old sweat marks everywhere. After I dismounted he really wanted to walk back to the stables.

Easy to wash down and even let me wash his face and turned it around so I could wash the other side! Beautiful nature, very loveable. I think he needs some TLC!!!!!! Things that are worrying me,
#he became quite strong in that bit
#very stiff to the left
#leading him to the area we were going to ride he held his dock to the right
#he was slightly uneven at times

I am going to ask for a 3-6month lease I think and go from there. The following photos are ones that I sent when I enquired about him

Sunday, February 7, 2010

He's OK!!!!

Friday afternoon we went out to see Sam. It was raining, windy and chilly! Very unusual for this time of year but the rain is welcomed!

I was expecting to see a cold, wet, shivering pony but instead he was hunkered down with his back to the wind and rain but he wasn't cold. I gave him some carrot and a scratch and let him be. He was fine, no scratches, lumps, nothing wrong!!!!! We went to talk to Tracey and while we were up there chatting the weather cleared slightly, stopped raining and the wind died down. He heard a thunder of hooves and they were off!

Sam and three little colts having a lovely time cantering around their paddock, rearing, bucking, playing! Tracey said by 8pm Tuesday night they were having races around their paddock! Sam couldn't keep up so would take a smaller circuit but the colts still over took him. I think he might have forgotten that he is not as young as he used to be!

It is just great seeing him have fun and be relaxed. Friday night I still couldn't sleep but Saturday night I made up for it.

So Sam can live without me, I may not be able to live without him!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

48 Hours

It has been 48 hours since I dropped Sam off for his holiday and I am missing him like crazy already. I haven't slept properly for the last two nights. I don't know if it is because I am worrying about Sam or something else. I have decided to go and see him tomorrow afternoon. I am sure he is fine but it might help relieve my anxiety.

The weather of course is starting to turn as well. It has been so hot for the last few weeks and know it is starting to really cool down with possible rain! He really will have to be a horse!

I saw the osteopath this afternoon. My pelvis, spine, neck and some ribs were out. It was very painful while having treatment but I am sure in a few days it will feel better. He was pretty tough but if it works it was worth it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sam goes on holidays!

What a big day. We took Sam to his holiday home yesterday afternoon after work. I have been worrying about it for a few days now and all for no reason at all.

We hooked the float up, put his overnight bag in the car and I went to catch him. He was being floated on his own so I didn't put boots on him. I led him straight to the float and asked him to walk on. He didn't want to walk on so a light tap with the dressage whip and he walked up but kept going up the middle so we moved the centre divider across and up he went. I asked him to stand for a bit then asked him to back out. I then moved the divider back across and he was happy to load again. Once standing quietly Scott closed up the back while I tied him up. He travelled well despite the wind. The wind was very strong, headwind and side wind. The car had to work hard towing. 55min later we arrived at his new home for the next 5 weeks. Tracey the lady who owns the Arab Stud met us when we arrived and made us feel very welcome. Sam unloaded very well, he didn't bolt of backwards, walked back but also listened when I asked him to slow down.

Once off he stood next to me having a good look around. Called out a few times but then dropped his head carriage and really concentrated on me. We lead him out to the paddock and he walked on a loose contact the whole way. The worst he did was that he kept trying to eat on the way down! We got to the paddock that he will be living in and in there were three playful colts. The all raced up to the gate to see who the kid was. I led Sam in and he stood stock still until I took his halter off. Even then I was able to walk out of the way before everybody met each other! The colts came up and there was a lot of 'chattering' going on. The three colts were very submissive and it was really interesting to watch the interaction. Introducing new horses to each other is always a little hair raising.

Sam wanted to go for a look around the paddock and he walked off with three noses up his bum!!!!! It was hilarious! Sam had a buck just to let them know that he didn't appreciate that. They went for a trot and a canter around the paddock. Sam kept coming back to the gate so I was able to give him a pat good bye. I think he will have a ball and probably won't want to come home! We will go out again on Sunday to see how he is travelling. Tracey is awesome and she will take good care of him for me. She isn't going to touch him unless she has too, I want him to be left alone for awhile and just be a horse!

So what am I going to do for the next 5 weeks? Sleep in to start with! It will be nice not having to get up early on the weekends but I will miss him terribly! Sam may not stay for the 5 weeks because I will miss him too much! I will be looking at new horses, helping a few people with their horses still so I won't be totally horseless.

Happy Ponies!!!!!!!!