Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fourwinds Nicholsan Video Clip

Here is a short clip of me riding Nic. Please keep in mind when you are watching it this is the first time I have seen/ridden this horse. It jumps because I have had to shorten it from 30min. I also left in the part where I pulled him away from a fence so you can see what he does.

I have decided to go back and see him in about two weeks for another ride and vet check. I have been ringing up about a lot of horses lately and nothing is grabbing me going - I have to see this horse! My mind keeps going back to Nic, which I think is a good sign.

Following is a utube clip if you are interested. The girl riding him is one of the working pupils who has been competing him lately.

Once again I call upon your feed back if you feel like giving it!!!!!

I know this doesn't count but I love his face and eye, it just seems so kind!!!!! He also turns his head when hosing him down so you can do the other side.


Kate said...

I like him a lot - and I do think the face and eye count for a lot. He looks very experienced, which I think is what you're looking for. Nice to see you riding - you look great!

jill said...
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jill said...

There is no comparison, to me, between this horse and the other you were interested in.
This guy looks like a gem, winner hands down.
Hope he passes the vet for you.

Frizzle said...

I realy, really like this guy. He reminds me a lot of my old horse, Mac. Those big grey geldings are the best!
That bit is quite scary, though. If you do buy him, I recommend getting a good trainer and working on having him respond to a more gentle bit. Not saying you could necessarily ride him in a loose ring snaffle, but certainly something smaller than that contraption!

Nina said...

Thanks guys. Yes Frizzle he does work in a normal snaffle but gets strong when jumping. I will definately see what I can do though if I get him. When I google him he is wearing the same bit back in 2004 doing cross country so I guess he is used to it now. That doesn't mean we can't work on it!!!!!

SprinklerBandit said...

He looks good and you guys look good together. I vote yes.

Marissa said...

I like him! I think you two look really nice together, and you seem very comfortable up there. He's go a nice lead change, great canter, seems like he stays very soft and relaxed on his way to the fences. My layperson's eye doesn't see any soundness issues (I think you said you thought the younger horse would be sounder) but a vet check is always a good idea so you know what you're getting. Overall, I vote yes too!

(p.s. - you have an award waiting on my blog!)