Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sam goes on holidays!

What a big day. We took Sam to his holiday home yesterday afternoon after work. I have been worrying about it for a few days now and all for no reason at all.

We hooked the float up, put his overnight bag in the car and I went to catch him. He was being floated on his own so I didn't put boots on him. I led him straight to the float and asked him to walk on. He didn't want to walk on so a light tap with the dressage whip and he walked up but kept going up the middle so we moved the centre divider across and up he went. I asked him to stand for a bit then asked him to back out. I then moved the divider back across and he was happy to load again. Once standing quietly Scott closed up the back while I tied him up. He travelled well despite the wind. The wind was very strong, headwind and side wind. The car had to work hard towing. 55min later we arrived at his new home for the next 5 weeks. Tracey the lady who owns the Arab Stud met us when we arrived and made us feel very welcome. Sam unloaded very well, he didn't bolt of backwards, walked back but also listened when I asked him to slow down.

Once off he stood next to me having a good look around. Called out a few times but then dropped his head carriage and really concentrated on me. We lead him out to the paddock and he walked on a loose contact the whole way. The worst he did was that he kept trying to eat on the way down! We got to the paddock that he will be living in and in there were three playful colts. The all raced up to the gate to see who the kid was. I led Sam in and he stood stock still until I took his halter off. Even then I was able to walk out of the way before everybody met each other! The colts came up and there was a lot of 'chattering' going on. The three colts were very submissive and it was really interesting to watch the interaction. Introducing new horses to each other is always a little hair raising.

Sam wanted to go for a look around the paddock and he walked off with three noses up his bum!!!!! It was hilarious! Sam had a buck just to let them know that he didn't appreciate that. They went for a trot and a canter around the paddock. Sam kept coming back to the gate so I was able to give him a pat good bye. I think he will have a ball and probably won't want to come home! We will go out again on Sunday to see how he is travelling. Tracey is awesome and she will take good care of him for me. She isn't going to touch him unless she has too, I want him to be left alone for awhile and just be a horse!

So what am I going to do for the next 5 weeks? Sleep in to start with! It will be nice not having to get up early on the weekends but I will miss him terribly! Sam may not stay for the 5 weeks because I will miss him too much! I will be looking at new horses, helping a few people with their horses still so I won't be totally horseless.

Happy Ponies!!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

I'm so jealous of Sam's holiday, I could use a good holiday myself! He's a lucky horse. Sounds like he's settling in nicely and will enjoy his time just being a horse.

Kate said...

I could use a holiday like that! Nice he has the colts to boss around - I expect he'll have some fun!

SprinklerBandit said...

I'm sure he'll have a great time, and with the property and a job and a husband, you have lots to keep you busy.