Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Thank you Tucker and Marissa for awarding me with this award!!!!!!! Yep is certainly is doing the rounds but I love it!!!!!! I will be sure to tell Sam that he received an award!!!!!

OK 7 things about me -

1) I went to boarding school from age 12 - 15. New England Girls School and we could keep our horse there. I loved every minute!!!!!! I hated the holidays because I had to leave Strides behind and I missed him like crazy!

2) My nickname from my husband is 'Princess' because sometimes I act like one! Lucky he loves me because I don't know who else would put up with me!

3) I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!! I eat it everyday. Easter time is my favorite time of the year because I love easter egg chocolate. I have already started on easter eggs - I am eating them now while blogging! :o)

4) I love trashy American TV shows - sorry guys but I love Bold and the Beautiful, Gossip Girl, ER. I find them an escape from Reality! I sometimes dream what it would be like to live a life like that - NO PONIES NO WAY!

5) I wish I could write. I dream of writing books and supporting myself that way but it really is only a dream.

6) I really enjoy my job. I am the Assistant Manager for a Horseland store. Sometimes it tiring but I love helping people and hearing about their successes. I love seeing all the new colours and what is going to be in fashion.

7) I wish I was an early morning person. Once I am up and out at the paddock I love it but I struggle to get out of bed in the mornings!!!! I am more of a night person.

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I could write a little bit about you all but I think if you haven't checked out any of the above blogs you should!!!! They all have something to offer and I enjoy reading them all!!!!!


Shannon said...

Thanks for the recognition! I'm really enjoying this award going around, it's introducing me to so many great blogs! I have lots more reading material now.

Easter is also my favorite time of year for the same reason! Well, that and it means Spring here, but mostly it's the chocolates.

Marissa said...

You're welcome! :)