Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sam is coming home!!!!!!

Big day on Saturday. I can't wait, I have really missed Sam over the past week and a half. We were going to pick him up after work on Friday but I have been asked to close up instead of open so I won't finish until 6pm. It would still give me about 2.5hrs of daylight but I would feel rushed and I don't want that. I get worked up enough as it is about floating. I am sure he will be fine I just don't want to jinx it. I want us to start again on a good note.

Last night Scott and I went out to the paddock and Scott mowed it for me. The weeds were really high, I sprayed last weekend around the edges and some of the big ones in the paddock. We are hoping if we can keep it short it might die. I have been promised another paddock it just has to be fenced so it might be a few months away yet!

I get teased a lot out at the paddock about how I look after Sam. I am known as the pedantic owner. Sometimes it gets me down a bit, I just try to keep Sam happy, healthy both mentally and physically. I worry a lot about his well being and if I am giving him enough nutritionally, is he happy, is he warm, cool. He is not living in an environment that I am totally happy with but the best I can give at the moment. Oh well I do have to just get over it and know that I am happy with the care I give to him. I am horrified at what some people do, only feeding their horses once a day and they are kept in large dirt paddocks but you can't force your opinions onto others. Their horses seem happy and healthy so who am I to step in and upset the apple cart. I don't agree with how some people treat their horses or the way they train them. They aren't cruel as such but I know gentler ways of achieving the same goals. I have learnt to keep my mouth shut unless asked for my opinion or help. I can't wait until we can find a place of our own!!!!

I am having second thoughts about getting another horse. I am not worried about the horse itself just the cost of a second horse. My bills would double and I need to decide if I am willing to take that on. My husband is very supportive and thinks I should buy Nic but I always worry about money. I think my main worry is that if something happens to one of us will I still be able to provide for my horses. I know I could sell one of them but I am not good at selling horses, I normally buy for life. I hate that I am like this. I think about things, then go over and over it!

Pros for buying Nic:
I believe he would teach me a lot in all 3 disciplines
I believe my confidence would increase
With me learning quicker I would be able to help Sam better
Sam would have company

Cons for buying Nic:
My horse expenses would double
He will probably require Pentosan shots monthly and a daily joint food
Will I have the time to keep two horses in work
I would only be able to afford a lesson once a month instead of once a fortnight and only on one of them at a time (so 6 lessons each through out a year)

So much to think about, decisions to make and I know only I can make them.

I did talk to my instructor about Nic and she wasn't keen because he isn't ridden in a snaffle in jumping. I am thinking along the lines of, if I feel safe, he can do everything that I am looking for in a horse then if that is his only fault I can live with that. I should listen to my instructor but I feel I have been hurt emotionally too many times in the past. That is another post that I don't feel like writing about just yet - another time!

Sorry for the rambling but you know how it is sometimes typing it down can help. :o)


Anonymous said...

Take your time - either decision is a good one, and you'll know what is right for you.

jill said...

Well, I like having two. They are buddies, but you don't have to get another horse for that. A goat or pony is good company for a horse.
Why don't you try keeping one at home first and see how much time it takes?
Is there a rush for some reason?

Shannon said...

Hooray for Sam coming home! I'm sure he'll be well rested and ready to go after his holiday.

It's always a tough decision to go from one to two. Follow your gut. As far as money and time goes, I have sometimes "pimped" a horse out as a lesson horse for my trainer to help pay the costs. I know some barns and trainers will work out package deals for people with multiple horses, too. Maybe you could inquire about that?

Frizzle said...

From what I've seen, Nic is a wonderful horse. He looks like a kind soul who could teach you a lot and take you far.
And, honestly, it's probably hard to find such a high-level eventer who goes in a snaffle. I could be wrong, of course. But keep in mind that you and your trainer could certainly work on getting him to respond to a more gentle bit -- maybe not a snaffle, but a few steps down from the crazy-looking bit that you rode him in.
Just take your time, evaluate your finances realistically, and listen to both your brain and your heart.
Oh, and thanks for tagging me for the award! :-D