Monday, March 29, 2010

Better rides and a Sad day

OK things are back on track. I have cut back his oaten hay right back and increased the Speedibeet (which he loves) and things have calmed down. We have had a few quiet rides again which have been lovely!

I had a lesson on Sunday, first one of the year. Jane was happy with how he was working once I started to 'ride'. I was trying to get Sam to work how I had him working in our own training sessions but I was trying to ask without looking like I was doing anything. Well Sam isn't that far in his training just yet. We still look messy and ugly. Once I started to really ride and really ask Sam to work he produced some really nice work. My position has improved but I still have a long way to go. Jane says I am over thinking things and making things difficult for myself. I am not sure about that but I have things to practice so we will keep trying!

Today I took Sam out for a short hack. I find he gets sour quickly if I do arena work 2-3 days in a row. Today I asked for a long, low round frame at walk, trot and canter. We did this around the large riding paddock and he was soft, swinging and relaxed. I managed to work on relaxing my upper body in the canter.

I also got a little sidetracked grooming Sam before tacking up today. I managed to get all the bot eggs off him, cleaned up his bridle path, trimmed his face, ears ( I leave the hair in the ear I just trim the hair that sticks out) oiled his hooves, massaged him all over. I think he enjoys being pampered at times. I have to pick my days but today he stood quietly for the whole ordeal!

Some sad news. Saturday a friend asked me to come and look at the horse she was leasing. That morning he was being silly in the paddock as horses went by and when she looked out again he was hopping on 3 legs. She rang the vet and they gave her an anti-inflammatory injection to give him. I saw him around 5pm and suggested she get a vet out as soon as possible. The horse was still not weight bearing on his off side fore. He was agitated, sweating, high heart rate and muscles starting to quiver - he was getting tired. She is 40km out of town so it took a while to get the vet out. When the vet arrived it was decided that we needed to float the horse into the UNI (they have a equine specialist centre there) for x-rays. Because she leases the horse the owner had to be contacted and we had to wait for him to get there with the float. By this stage it was about 8.15pm, dark and Anni (the horse) was getting very tired. He was a little trooper though. He pulled all his strength together and got himself up onto that float. I was not able to go with them to the UNI but he had dislocated his elbow. Anni was put to sleep on Saturday 27th March at 10pm. Anni was 17 years old. Lovely old boy. It was sad, mentally draining afternoon with a very sad outcome. I went out to see Sam straight after - poor bugger still needed his tucker! I gave him a huge hug and loads of kisses and thanked him for being so awesome. I told his how much I loved him and gave him a little bit extra in his feed that night.

I think we sometimes take our ponies for granted and it isn't until tragedies happen that bring us back to reality and realise just what we have.

Sam - I love you, I respect you, I thank you for all that you teach me, I appreciate your patience with me and I feel that you are my equal.


Anonymous said...

Very sad story - sorry the little horse had to wait so long for relief from the pain.

You're right - you never know how long they'll be with us and need to appreciate them every day.

eventer79 said...

Awww, that is a sad story indeed. But very true that we never know how long we have them in our lives, best to love every day!

Rising Rainbow said...

So sad. I hate when stuff like that happens.