Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meet Adam Ant

Please meet Adam Ant. He is a standardbred gelding. About 15.2hh, not sure of his age yet I haven't been able to read his brand yet. He is very solid and very friendly. His head is massive! My rope halter that I use on Sam doesn't really fit him!!!! My full size brow band is a little small on him and a full size bit only just fits! I would consider going the next size up.

Adam Ant or Atom as he used to be called was raced but too slow and the trainer asked Malcolm - the owner of the agistment place where I keep Sam - was asked to find him a kind loving home. Malcolm did this but unfortunately the lady had an emotional break down so he has been sitting in a 60 acre paddock for the last 6-9 months. Once the trainer heard about this he took him away from the lady and has asked Malcolm to once again find him a loving home. This is where I come in.

I first noticed Adam Ant last Wednesday afternoon on my ride by the 60 acre paddock. He caught my eye and he made his way over to the fence for a chat. He has bite marks all over his bum but other than that he is very fat and shiny. His eye is beautiful and his build looks very strong. I asked Malcolm about him and that is when I found out he is looking for a new home. Instantly I thought of my best friend Jodi . I know she would love a horse and Adam Ant would be for free!!!!!! She also likes the breed as she knows how to drive horses in harness as well as ride.

I went and caught him on Friday so I could have a play and see what he was about. He was happy to be caught and lead away from his girlfriend. Half way down the lane way he grew 10 hands and started to really look around. He wasn't silly and stopped when I stopped and walked on when I did. He spooked slightly at a few things on the way up to round yard but when he was allowed to look and check things out he was fine with it. I did some ground work, he let me wave my lunge whip around and let me rub him all over with it. His off side he is a little more attentive on but other than that he gave me no trouble. Moving off pressure he has no idea. He lunges both directions but very hard to get him to canter. He is short in his stride length but then again his legs really aren't very long! I was able to bridle and saddle him with no problems. Slapped the stirrups on his side, didn't even batter an eye lid. I didn't mount him but I could stand on a create next to him, lean over the saddle and wave my arm around on the off side. I think he would be fine to ride.

When I let took him back to his paddock he wasn't as spooky but appreciated the time to look at things. At the gate I took his halter off and he stood with me while I gave him a scratch. He had a drink and then came back over for a another scratch. I think he enjoyed doing something!

I told Jodi about him so hopefully she will come and look at him, other wise Malcolm has asked me to help him find him a home. He is such a lovely fellow I am sure the first person to meet him will fall in love with him like I have. He is very smoochy and loves a cuddle. All he needs is a bit of time spent with him and I am sure he will be fine!

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Kate said...

Very cute - hope it all works out for the best!