Thursday, December 10, 2009

A new fitness regime

Sam and I are going to start a fitness regime. In a previous post I told you about Sam and I getting all the way around the top paddock with Bec and her horse Alice, well yesterday afternoon I was feeling very lazy and tired but Sam needed to be exercised so I thought we could go for a lovely long walk. I headed up to the top paddock and we just started to walk along the fence line. We made it all the way around with no hiccups so I thought I would push Sam up into a trot. He was happy to trot around the entire perimeter. It is about 20 acres so not huge but big enough. We both did really well.

I have decided to do this once a week. Walk a circuit, trot a circuit, canter a circuit, trot half a circuit, walk the rest, walk a circuit. This paddock is on a hill so I think that should be good for him as well.

I was very proud of myself for getting around that paddock. It used to really worry me going past certain horses but Sam was awesome. He stayed very calm and was happy to watch the horses canter around their paddock. I think he was more interested in trying to eat the long grass on the side as we went along than his surrounds!

I love my awesome pony!!!!!!!!

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Kate said...

That sounds good, and good for all!