Sunday, December 13, 2009

Please Help Me Welcome Squirt into the World!

About 4.30pm yesterday afternoon little Squirt entered into this world. Mum and bub did great! I got there a bit after 5pm and he had been up on those long legs for about 5-10min. I have called him Squirt as the owner hasn't come up with a name yet. He has one blue eye and one brown one. He is the colour they wanted and even though he is a little light on he certainly had a lot of get up and go. Within the first hour I watched him trot and canter for the first time. It took him over two hours to figure out where to get a drink from but he finally figured it out!
Tails - Mum is 18 years old and this is her last baby. She is very protective of little Squirt. He has some attitude. He attempted to kick out at mum and did a little hump when she kept trying to move him. It was very cute. These photos were taken within his first hour!
I have never had anything to do with foals so it will be great to watch his progress over the next year or so. It made me want to go out and buy a mare so I could breed my own but that would be reckless so I will have to be content with watching others!!!!
He is Sam's next door neighbour. The big dope missed the whole ordeal but when he finally came up to see what we were all looking at he was very intrigued. All the horses started to whinny and run around when Squirt decided to try his little legs for the first time. This is Sam seeing Squirt for the first time.


Marissa said...

So cute!! Their first few days are so special. Just amazing that they can get around so quickly and play so much even at only a few hours old. I love the other horses' reactions too. The look on Sam's face is precious!

Kate said...

Very cute - what long legs! Sam's looking good, as well as intrigued!

SprinklerBandit said...

Sam is a nice looking horse, and his friends are pretty cute, too.