Monday, October 5, 2009

The Healing Powers of Sam

Sam has been doing well lately. I think he has undone all the good work Koko did but he has been working well. Saturday morning I made a quick decision to ride when I there feeding him breakfast and he decided he was going to be a 'typical thoroughbred'. Very unlike him. It was cool, drizzling weather so I lunged him first. Got a few good bucks out of him then I jumped on board. He was very forward but after a bit he was listening well and I was able to really move his shoulders in the trot which I was really impressed about.

Now more about Sams great healing powers. Jodi - My best friend - came out to ride Sam today. Jodi has done a lot of riding in the past - she used to do endurance riding and has completed a few Quilty rides - for those who don't know what the Quilty is it is a 160km ride. She hasn't ridden for about 5 years so felt a little rusty.

We started out in the round yard. I jumped on walk, trot and cantered him to show Jodi how quiet he is then it was her turn. Jodi and Sam walked around for about 10min
Jodi felt comfortable enough to ride Sam down to the large riding paddock. Once down there she decided to have a trot. On a large circle off they went. Then a change of rein. Sam falls in a lot on the right rein and I am not that good at communicating at what I do when he does this so there was a little miss communication between the two and Sam popped into a bouncy canter. Jodi stayed calm, Sam did a flying change and Jodi did well at bringing him back. They walked around some more and then I got Jodi to trot on his good rein again just to make sure she was ok.

This is a little something Jodi wrote about her ride - you know that thing that some people have that they just love ever since they were little, then they did it for a while, then they had to get a job/career so they had to stop it for a while, but your life still feels like there is a little hole in it somewhere, then a friend comes along that just helps you find it again and fill that hole?? Well I found that again today thanks to my best friend! Oh and her horse Sam.

I love it when Sam helps heal. He helps me all the time and I can't thank him enough!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I know just how she feels - that was me before I found horses again (after many years away) when my girls were little. Your Sam is a star!