Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sam sees Koko the chiropractor!

Finally after owning Sam for nearly two years now I finally found a chiropractor for him!!!!! Koko came and braved our horrific weather today - 6 degrees, strong icy winds, over cast with a bit of rain. It turns out that Koko was my horses chiropractor at boarding school 16 years ago!!!!! Once I realised it was the same Koko I was very happy.

Poor Sam was out pretty much the throughout his whole body. Poll, neck, both shoulders, both hips. She said that at some point in his life - probably when he was young he had a major accident. If you have a look at this old photo of Sam just behind where the saddle would sit - I guess the loin area you will see a bump, it dips before the rump area. This is where at some point in his life he has had some major trauma.
The trauma could have been from pulling back really hard, tipping over backwards, a fall maybe during the breaking process. I guess we will never know.

Koko said he is fixable and the difference already is amazing. Already if we hand walk him on a small circle he is stepping under himself a lot better. Even backing in hand is better though we can't work on that yet, forward first then rein back!!!!! He did a lot of yawing, licking his lips and shaking his head after she adjusted something.

We have to do a lot of walking and trotting in straight lines for a while so he can start to build the right muscles. No wonder Sam had a lot of trouble in the arena, he really did put up with a lot of pain and I understand now, why in our lessons he would sometimes rear - he was just in too much pain.

I feel bad for asking so much from him when we were in Townsville but there was no one there to help us. I am just glad that we can start to get him feeling better so he can work my comfortably. Koko did warn that once we have Sam on the right track he might start to be a little more forward than he normally is because it doesn't hurt anymore. I guess that will be a good thing. :o) I don't think Sam will be really naughty just lively and I am sure he will settle down and behave :o)


Anonymous said...

That is great news - a good chiropractor can make an amazing difference! Our horses are very good to us - they put up with a lot - and it's wonderful when we can do something to make them feel and move better.

Shannon said...

A good chiropracter is a real asset! Both my horse and I see one, it makes a huge difference. More forward is always a good thing- even though it seems counter-intuitive, a horse that is more forward is actually easier to control. Good luck!

Marissa said...

Great news! I went through the same thing when Tucker finally saw a chiropractor about a year ago, his pelvis was majorly out of alignment and probably causing him a lot of discomfort, but you'll be so much happier once you see Sam start travelling more comfortably!