Saturday, September 5, 2009

We have arrived!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!!!

Really quick post to say that we have arrived in Wagga Wagga and it is beautiful!!!!! Sam left on the Truck on Thursday and they had a few problems getting him on. Hopefully he will improve with loading as the trip goes on. I went and checked out where I will have him living and it looks like a lovely friendly place. Huge - 50 horses.

We haven't found anywhere to live yet but we are still searching. I still don't have a lot of access to the internet so I will do short posts when I can!

I hope you are all having fun with your ponies!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it and hope Sam travels well!

Marissa said...

Glad to hear! They should just tell Sam he's on his way to see his mom and I bet he would have loaded better! Hope you find a nice place to live and can't wait to hear more about Sam's new home.

SprinklerBandit said...

Pardon my ignorance... why were you moving?

Best of luck finding a place to live!