Friday, September 11, 2009

Animals - they make you worry

It has been a worrying two days. Yesterday morning I went out to see Sam and he was covered in little lumps. He seemed happy enough so I thought that it may be the hessian combo I put on him. They were only where that rug had touched him. He ate, drank, pooed, wee ed so I wasn't too concerned. His temp was 37.3. When I went back in the afternoon too feed the lumps were covering his whole body. He ate his small hard feed but wasn't interested in the hay. His temp was up to 38.1 (His normal temp is 37.1) He seemed depressed, his tail was sore, in general he just wasn't happy. I couldn't hear gut sounds but I didn't have a stethoscope. I was worried. My other half was awesome and came out with me at about 9.30pm too check him. Temp was still up, not hay had been eaten but I heard some good gut sounds on both sides. We left him to relax.

I was up early this morning to check him. All hay had been eaten, temp was back to 37.1 I found 5 fresh poos that had some formation and he was a little brighter within himself. Phew!

Jack our dog is in the kennel and we have been worried about him because sometimes he stresses and doesn't eat. We decided to take him out for the afternoon. So we picked him up and he looked great. Happy, hasn't lost any weight. We took him out to see Sam and we took them both for a long walk. Sam was able to have pick on some nice grass and Jack had a lovely time exploring. I think Sam really enjoyed getting out, seeing new things and spending time with us. I gave him a quick brush as well. I had to dress his tail and he coped quite well. I don't think it is as sore now, either that or the cold water numbed it a little too :o)

He still wasn't that interested in his hay tonight but was picking at it. His temp was still normal. I have to move paddocks tomorrow but I think it will be better. A better shelter, more trees, closer to other horses for company, will be able to see all the comings and goings of the place a lot better as well. Not much feed in it, maybe enough for a small pick but one of the neighbours is a yearling and they should have a lot of fun chatting over the fence.

I just want the lumps to go down. I am going to give him until Monday, if they haven't gone down by then I am going to call the vet again. I have also stopped the pellets. The hessian rug and pellets are the only new things. We move into a house on Wednesday so Wednesday night I will be able to start him back on his old feed. I bought three bags with me and that should last upto 3 months.

I am sick of feeling sick in the stomach. I always feel sick when my animals are off. I struggle to eat and feel like throwing up all the time. I can see not next week but the week after when we are in our new house, Sam is settled and feeling better, we have Jack with us I am going to some down with some virus. I think my body will let go after all the stress!!!!!

Poor little Sam!!!!!


Anonymous said...

With luck, everything will settle down soon. You're right to be careful about his feed - those adjustments can take time. The bumps sound like an allergic reaction to something he ate, perhaps in turnout?

Marissa said...

I'm with Kate, sounds like an allergic reaction. If they seem itchy, a vinegar & water bath will take the itch out. Sounds like he either ate something that he's allergic to or the new blanket is bothering him. Could also be stress related from the shipping. Tucker has been known to break out in hives in stressful situations. I hope he settles in soon -- glad the tail is getting better. Hope Sam has fun with his new yearling friend. :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Oh, and your dog is in a kennel? My Sheltie growing up hated to be away from us. It didn't matter if we left him with his favorite relatives or at a professional kennel. He wouldn't eat until he saw us again. :-( We haven't left our new puppies yet, but I'm sure they'll make a fuss. A noisy fuss, since Beagles don't do anything quietly.

Good luck with both creatures. Moving is stressful.