Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cranky Sam

This morning when I went to feed Sam he was a cranky bum! I made sure I was there on time. He was up the back of the paddock and when I called he came down. I gave him his treat which I do every morning and after that I made him walk with me so I could close all the gates so we didn't have a repeat of yesterday mornings escape!!!! His nostrils were pinched and he wasn't happy. I noticed one of his hooves was packed solid with mud so I picked his hooves out before I let him go to munch. He actually stood very still for this which was a little unusual because he didn't have a halter on and he wanted to start eating!

I left him for about an hour. I noticed that he watched me put his hay in his paddock and he started making his way slowly towards his paddock. I waited for him at the gate to make his way down, he snuffled my neck then kept going to his hay. I took his under rug off gave him a pat and let him be.

I might pop out at lunch time to see how he is - it is cold and miserable weather so maybe that is it I just hope he feels happy again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just the cold. When Dawn is not feeling well, she gets small wrinkles on her muzzle just above her nostrils. Hope he feels better soon!