Sunday, November 6, 2011


OMG I think I am getting an arena! I mean one that is laser leveled, has a road base base and sand on top!

We had a gentleman out to give us a quote on our septic system, we need a new pit dug. I was talking to him about where they were going to put all the dirt. We chatted about an arena and the specs that I was after. He said that he had access to a machine with a laser level bucket on it and it was actually in my little town at the moment. Leave it with him and he would figure out a quote. 4 hours later he was on the phone and we were agreeing to an arena!!!!!

I think it will end up being about 48m x 22m. I am more than happy with that! Also it will be done in a day! The only thing we have to do to it is spread the sand. No problems, neighbours tractor and bucket will be able to do that for us. That has saved us a bit too.

This morning we got up at 6am to remove the fence from the front of our property so they have access. We had to move our sawdust from one side of the driveway to other and I had mulched part of an area where the arena will now go so we moved that over to the other side as well. I have a bit of other temporary fencing to do but otherwise it is all ready to go! I find out tomorrow what day it is all happening!!!!!!


This means that my "new horse fund" had dropped by at least half but hopefully Sam will cope a little longer now having a better surface to ride on. He works a lot sounder in my lessons when I am on a sand surface. Photos will be coming for sure!


Shannon said...

How exciting! It seems so silly, but having a real arena is very motivating. Something about that smooth expanse of sand inspires me!

Frizzle said...

Congrats! Very exciting; we will need pics for sure. :-)

Megan said...

That's very exciting! You will love having your own arena to ride in!

Ruffles said...

YAY!! How exciting. We definitely need some pics :)