Monday, November 14, 2011

Best lesson ever!

I had a lesson yesterday and it was the best ever I think!

Sam and I have been really practising about being forward and active and it certainly has paid off.

I got there nice and early and Sam and I watched the last 20min of the lesson before us. Boy did she get a work out! Once I had the headset fitted to me I mounted and started straight away by walking around the entire arena. Sam is a little spooky at this place so this time I thought I would take the initiative and show him around, we haven't been there for about 3 months either. He had a few looks at the arena letters and a blue marker but other then that he was good to go. We picked up a trot and I pushed him out so that he was active. His frame was low and round but his nose was still sticking out. We didn't mind while we were warming up.

Then I was asked for some shoulder in. We had attempted this in our last lesson, a first for both of us. I hadn't tried this at home at I was still unsure about trying it alone. You know what, we did ok. Changed the rein and it was even better. Wahoo! Now don't get me wrong it certainly wasn't competition level shoulder in but for the second attempts ever I was pretty happy and so was my instructor.

Walk break before we moved onto the canter. First transition was good, he was a little stiff but we eventually had him listening and using his hind quarters better, then I got to try leg yield at the canter. I was whooping out loud I was so excited. Down the quarter line, straight then asking him to move over, straighten the shoulders and ask again! We were so good the lady who owns the place where we have our lessons came out to watch! This lady doesn't get excited about much was happy for us! Round and round the arena we went at the canter, rhythmical and forward and active!

Change the rein, this rein isn't very good and still needs a lot of work but he tried hard! The transition was pretty good for this rein. No leg yielding on this rein, we worked more on his falling out through his shoulder. Another walk break.

This time when we moved up into the trot we got to start on the beginnings of extensions! First two across the diagonals Sam just didn't get it. We were kicking every stride to ask him to activate his hind quarters a little more. He tried throwing his head, he tried pulling me out of the saddle and then on the 3rd go half way across he broke into canter. Yay, we were actually happy with this because he went somewhere! Next diagonal I felt his back come up a bit more, he stretched down a bit and I felt some power from back there! He gave me this 3 times. We left it there.

Yep I have a pretty smart clever pony! What was great as well is that his fitness has really increased so he recovered quickly after the lesson. It was hot, 30 degrees. I hosed him down quickly, offered tepid water (didn't drink) and let him have a pick of some green grass. Once he was dry and seemed content we loaded up and headed home.

I couldn't be happier. He held a decent frame for the whole lesson, yep he tipped onto the forehand, yep he came above the bit at times but you know what he worked well for him. Hell I rode well. I wish I had it filmed but never time!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Woo hoo indeed!

samihob said...

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