Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope you are all ok, and Warm sunny days

I hope you are all ok over there! I heard on the news about a terrible snowstorm. Power cut, freezing temperatures. So hope you all are staying warm and so are all your fluffy pals!

Down under is starting to warm up. Our day time temps are starting to rise and so are our nights. Winter rugs have been put away, sent to the cleaners or are in the washing pile. Coats are falling out and you can see hair floating on the breeze!

Flies are starting to buzz lazily around, mosquitoes buzz in a frenzy in the early evenings. Horses and ponies stand lazily under trees during the middle of the day, swishing tails, stamping hooves, shaking the head occasionally.

Cut pasture aroma hangs in the warm air and the faint hum of tractors can be heard all day.

Sam and I are doing well when I get the time to ride. Last weekend we floated the hour to my instructors place and had a lesson. Sam worked really well as usual, I need a lot of improvement but we will get there. We even dabbled at shoulder in.

This is poor Sam not impressed that I am setting up markers that will make us ride our corners!

We had the sheep at our place again for about 3 weeks. Meet "mum" she is pretty old and follows you around every where...........even though she was very noisy, she was still my favorite!

The great horse search continues and I am glad that I am requesting video footage before making the trek, I haven't physically seen a lot of horses due to such poor work shown on videos.
I am considering on making the trek to meet Arky though, I really like his rhythmical trot. He is not a show stopper but looks honest and sounds lovely.

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Anonymous said...

No snow where I am - thank heavens! We in the northern hemisphere will just have to enjoy your spring and summer vicariously . . .

Arky does have a nice trot, and looks very relaxed as well.