Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sam's First Show

Sam and I attended our local show this morning - The Rock show! There was stiff competition, Sam didn't place in his led class but it was more about getting us both out there and showing Sam what a competition atmosphere is like. He handled it all like a pro. We arrived around 7.30am - for a 9am start.

I took him for a walk around when we first arrived. He grew about 2 hands but stayed in control. He then stood happily at the float and started to eat his hay. He let me finish prepping him even though he was starting to bet bored, chewing on the spare tyre, running his teeth along the float!

They were running late starting so we were on around 9.30am. Sam walked around the ring happily and trotted out nicely, listening to me the whole way. He wasn't too impressed by having to stand still for the judge but eventually we got there. The other horses in his class were very beautiful and very will prepared. I was just happy that we came and conquered!!!!

I then rode him over to the side of all the rings. I lunged him first and he was good on the lunge so on I hopped. He was good under saddle, a little preoccupied but still listened. He walked, trotted and cantered without too much trouble. I think we rode for about 15min. I could feel myself starting to get a little worried so Sam was starting to get tense through his back so i decided to call it a day. I was proud of myself for riding in a competition atmosphere and VERY proud of Sam dealing with the morning!

Now for some photos!

This is what we started with, a very dirty pony!

Not very impressed with being bathed!
Standing quietly by the float waiting for his turn!
All ready for the show ring! With his dapples glowing and all!A very relaxed pony happily munching!

Home again with a curly mane!
Yesterday at the back door waiting for carrots please!
NUM NUM carrots!!!!!!I love my carrots!!!!


Ruffles said...

Sounds like it was a pretty good show overall.
WOW! What a tranformation for the dirty little pony to the show horse. He looks gorgeous.
lol he looks so cute when he's waiting for his carrots.

SprinklerBandit said...

He looks GREAT all cleaned up like that. Wow. I'd never appreciated what a gorgeous color he is before. Glad it went well for you. :-)

Nina said...

Thanks Sprinklerbandit, I thought he scrubbed up well even with half a winter coat still attached! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEH