Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to clean a tail?

I have been washing Sam's tail lately but just can't seem to get the grime and dirt out from the middle or on the dock. Anybody got any great tips or what they use? I use Amino Gloss and find it works well over his body. Easy to use, gets him clean, leaves him soft and smelling yummy and easy to wash out as it doesn't sud up too much.

Also something to really get into the base of his mane - so when I plait it, it doesn't look dirty.

My mum has moved closer to me so on the weekend we went over to see her new house. (Instead of being about 15hrs away she is now 3.5hrs away) She is living in a beautiful part of the world - the Southern Highlands. Very horsey, very English countryside, beautiful boutiques, I am very jealous! We found a new horse shop and I will defiantly be going back every time I visit mum! They import Rambo, Amigo horse rugs, Kentucky clothing - Most of our horse stores in Australia do not carry these brands, so this lady has decided to open a shop called Horsewerks and imports these wonderful clothes! I did buy Sam a German polar fleece rug. We will use it for travelling! (He had to have it as it was reduced by about 65%)


Marissa said...

Ah, you've touched on an area of my expertise. I like shampoos with teatree oil, like Lucky Braids Shampoo. For the mane: best to use a step ladder when you wet it down, so you can get it really saturated. I put a little bit of shampoo in my hands and work it through the mane with my fingers, then scrub the base of the mane really well with my fingernails. Rinse very well. If their scalp is flakey and dry, you can add a little bit of M-T-G or baby oil to a bucket of water and sponge that onto the roots. Otherwise, just comb out and let dry. For the tail: get it fully soaked with water, then I like to use a bucket of sudsy water, dunk the tail, and scrub the ends with a soapy sponge. Then take another little bit of shampoo on your hands and scrub along the sides of their tail bone and work the shampoo into the roots of their tails. Rinse very well to avoid any residue being left in the hair (which will make them itch). Follow up with a rinse of 1 part white vinegar/2 parts water (this works great for their coats too). Then I spray the wet tail down with show sheen and let it dry before carefully combing it out. Happy scrubbing!

Wolfie said...

I think Marissa may have done this a few times.... :-) Excellent advice.

Muddy K said...

All I can add to what Marissa said is that MTG can be used as an excellent, occasional leave-in conditioner. It wards off dirt and grime, always enhances growth, and works wonders at preventing dry skin. I try to use it once every six weeks or so, just working it in sparingly, but thoroughly, and leave it to vanish on its own. It will only make your lovely horse even prettier.