Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sam's new home!

This morning I woke early (5am early) excited that today was the day that Sam goes to his new home. Of course it was way to early so I read my book and lay there until 7am. I got up and started sorting out my new tack shed - I have had to bring everything home so our little garden shed is the new feed/tack shed! I don't know how I am going to fit everything in!!!!!

Hubby got up, had some breakfast and off we went. Me yabbering at a hundred miles an hour - I always do that when I am excited and nervous! We get out to the paddock and Jayne isn't home so hubby checks the tyre pressures on the float and I then help line him up and hitch up the float. I go off to catch Sam. Of course he is in the back corner of the paddock but I called when I was half way to him and he started coming towards me so we met half way. I like that about Sam - he is nearly always happy to see you!

I clean his bum due to the sloppy poos, hubby had the float open and ready to go and so I lead Sam up to the float. I try not to stop, I try to keep the momentum going but he stopped once his had his two front hooves on the tail gate. I show him the food and up he goes!!! I know food is bad to use to get him on but sometimes it is just easier than having an argument! Hubby closed the float up and off we went. We went Jayne have way down the road so I will pop out tomorrow for a chat etc.

Sam is a great traveller and no problems on the way. We had to stop at the feed store to pick up a bale of hay and he whinnied the whole time which was a little embarrassing. We kept going and arrived safely at Sarah's. Sarah is away for another few weeks so her partner will be looking after Sam in the morning but he was out so it was very peaceful being able to put Sam in his new paddock - walk him around and then being able to sit under the shade of the big tree and watch him.

He was very well behaved. He introduced himself to the pony in the other paddock who will be his friend. He found his rolling spot. Sam loves to roll in sand - any sand anytime, anywhere but this is quite close to his gate so I hope he is careful. Had a roll both sides, another walk around the paddock and head down munching! No trotting, no whinnies, nothing. I should be very happy and grateful that he is so sensible when he is in new environments or asked to do new things but a trot at least would have been nice!

I will go back out this arvo and give him a bath and spend some times with him!

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