Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sam and I work with massage

I had a horse massuse out to Sam today. She is 7 months pregnant so couldn't actually do any treatment but assessed him for me.

Sam is tight through his near side hip and off side shoulder. She said he was pretty good really and gave me heaps of stretches to do with him and showed me massage techniques.

Sam really liked and so did I. She was lovely and was happy to chat about what I do, how I exercise him and what I feed him. She also told me where she studied and so I am going to look into that as well.

When I rode Sam Friday morning and refused to go forward in canter. That was why I called her. She thinks it is a training and sorness issue. She said the canter will come - don't rush it. I will back off a bit in our training and work more on flexion, suppleness.

Scott bought Jack out with him this afternoon and all four of us went for a lovely walk around the bridle paths. Sam wanted to play or eat Jack not quite sure which one but I think he still enjoyed getting out.

I will let know you how the Sunday ride goes.

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Marissa said...

I love equine massage, I think it does wonders! Tucker has an appointment with his chiropractor today which always makes him feel great. Hope your ride with Sam goes well tomorrow!